Will Chocolate Be the New Nose Candy?

The snorting of raw cacao has revealed itself to be as a surprising new form of legal high.

Though hearing someone describe themselves as a chocolate addict isn’t all that uncommon, across the Atlantic the use of chocolate is apparently taken to new heights in the most literal sense. In Europe, there are reports of ground cacao being used as the newest party drug — instead of snorting cocaine, there are people who are turning to the superfood for their high.

But how did this phenomenon even start? There’s no clear report on the origins of this cacao filled drug craze but it is at the point where it’s being supplied in different forms — as drinks, pills and inhaled in a line — at various parties. The strangest form that it’s taken is in that of the “chocolate shooter” — a device created by famed Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone specifically for the purpose of getting that cacao high.

Though such inventions to facilitate getting inebriated off cacao are widely available online, the trend has yet to cross the pond to the United States. The trend may be sweeping European nightclubs, but students at NYU’s study abroad sites have yet to try it. CAS sophomore Lisa He, who is currently studying in London for the semester, is not familiar with the trend.

I don’t think I know of anyone that ever did that,” He said. “I asked some of my other friends here in London and none of them have tried it before either.”


Given that there is a lack of statistics on the short- and long-term effects of snorting cocoa, it’s hard to determine if this drug is here to stay. For now, we’ll just have to settle on the certainty that — no matter how innocent or wholesome a substance is — someone can get high off it.

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