Soccer Falls Flat in Weekend at Home



During their 3-0 victory against Centenary College, sophomore Maddie Pena had one goal and one assist.

Easton Self, Creative Director

After victories against University of Rochester this past Friday, the NYU women’s soccer team secured a tie against Emory University, while the NYU men’s soccer team suffered a tough loss. Despite the past three wins for the women’s team and two for the men’s, including the men’s 10-0 performance against York College, the team’s struggled to keep their traction this weekend.

Even with Emory’s forceful pushes, junior forward Teressa Fazio came onto the field ready for the match. Maintaining a vigorous momentum throughout the first period after scoring the first goal on Emory, Fazio brought enough spirit to counter Emory’s offense. NYU held onto the lead for most of the game until the last 15 minutes of the second period, when Emory’s Caroline Kolski headed in a kick from the far corner. Going into overtime, NYU resisted the seemingly relentless shots, hanging onto the 1-1 score for the additional 20 minutes. Fazio was happy with the Violets’ competition level through the weekend.

“I think we had a good weekend and we competed until the very end today in the tie against Emory,” Fazio said. “I’m proud of how much energy and passion we showed in both games this weekend and now we’re just focusing on our final game this Saturday!”

The men’s game started out even enough, with shots on goal by senior captain Petter Aasa and junior midfielder Tristan Medios-Simon to oppose Emory’s aggressive offense. But as the timer ticked on, the team’s energy clearly began to run on fumes.

Superficially, it was a close match with a 1-0 score, but senior goalkeeper Lucas Doucette just couldn’t hold out against the shots Emory was putting on goal for the first period, letting an outside shot by Emory’s Moustafa Khattab barely slip by into the right corner. Emory continued to push against the NYU defense, refusing to let Doucette take a break even after scoring. However, the tide began to slightly turn, as the second half began with a quick take off by freshman forward Julian Montilus.

Aasa commented on the evolution of the team’s momentum throughout the game.

“We started off the game pretty flat as a team — there was no hunger for winning the ball and consequently we gave up a goal in the first half,” Aasa said. “Second half, however, we came out as a different team and put a lot pressure on Emory, and we were really close to getting an equalizing goal.”

However, that tide turned back just as soon as it began to look up. With Emory’s Jun Tsuru and Khattab, NYU couldn’t muster the stamina to withstand and strike back. Nonetheless, NYU men’s soccer managed to prevent any further scoring with Doucette saving two shots in the last five minutes. Both soccer teams will count on bringing back their successful streaks when they play against Brandeis University at home on Saturday, Nov. 5 for their last games of the season.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Oct. 31 print edition. Email Easton Self at [email protected].