I Tried…Dressing Like Carrie Bradshaw For a Week

Camille Larkins attempted to dress like Carrie Bradshaw for a week. For the first day, she chose a business-casual dress inspired by an outfit in season 5 of 'Sex and the City.'

WSN’s Features Desk is running a series we’re calling “I Tried…” Each piece will feature a member of our staff who’s added something new, weird or a little crazy to their lives. In this installment, staff writer Camille Larkins tries imitating her fictional fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw.

Anyone who knows me has probably thought to themselves at some point, “Is this gal ever going to stop connecting everything to a ‘Sex and the City’ plot point?” And the answer to that question is no, I will not. I watched Sex and the City this summer and have not stopped talking about it since then. The drama! The men! The strong, supportive female friendships! Most importantly, the outfits!

Whether you like the show or not, you can’t deny that Carrie Bradshaw is a fashion icon. She makes outlandish, daring fashion choices and manages to pull most of them off. Her style is versatile and anything but basic she can look effortlessly chic in contrasting patterns, a tutu, menswear or a cowboy hat. Bradshaw is also a trendsetter in many ways: she was sporting rompers, skinny neck scarves and sheer and mesh pieces long before they became popular. She doesn’t do safe looks and wouldn’t be caught in jeans and a T-shirt at the grocery store. When given the opportunity to dress like a famous character for a week, I immediately thought of Bradshaw. Here are a few of the ways I tried to pay homage to this iconic character.

For the first day, I tried to emulate this elegant look. Unfortunately I do not have a tiara or gloves but I did some minor pattern-clashing to spice it up. This was actually really fun, as I never would have thought to put a striped shirt under a houndstooth pinafore dress but it totally worked and some girls in Kimmel called it “really cute.” I added a pink coat and black lace up kitten heels. Carrie Bradshaw obviously does not bike or walk around the city very often doing everything in heels is difficult! I got some weird looks from other bikers and nearly slipped on tile floors, the stairs and bumpy parts of the sidewalk a few times. However, this outfit warranted the most likes I have ever gotten on an Instagram post.


For my next outfit I took some inspiration from this scarf look and Carrie’s love of blazers. I wore a black skort, patterned bodysuit, a bright pink blazer and a floral scarf. I took a break from heels and just wore black ankle boots, although I’m not sure Carrie would approve.

I took a more casual route the next day inspired by these looks. It was a really warm day for October so I broke out the short shorts and a cropped button down shirt. Coupled with heels (unfortunately not Carrie’s signature Manolo Blahniks), I kind of felt like a Western-themed, pin-up girl in the best way. To pull it all together I put on my signature Carrie necklace even though technically mine is a Camille necklace. This day was easy because it was an outfit I would wear normally, though maybe not with heels. Again, the shoes were not super practical and I almost fell off my bike. Later that day, because I cannot wear shorts to work, I changed into jeans and a black off-the-shoulder top with funky sleeves, inspired by this outfit Carrie wears while searching for knockoff bags in L.A. One of my coworkers asked me if I was going on a date. I was not.

Of course I had to pay tribute to the outfit Carrie wears when she meets Aidan for the first time. It’s very simple except for the obnoxious flower on her shoulder. I had to buy this at a craft store and pin it to my shirt, which I would never do in real life and hopefully never have to do again. For the record, I did not meet and fall in love with the sexy furniture designer of my dreams while wearing this outfit.

One of my favorite Carrie looks is her Christian Dior newspaper dress it is unique, totally flattering to her figure and offers the best boob-bounce ever in this great scene. Even though I don’t have this exact dress, I used my friend’s newspaper print shirt to give my outfit a similar vibe. I wore it with a tight black long-sleeved shirt, black culottes and black patent perspex heel boots.

The last outfit I wore was inspired by this outfit single Carrie wears on her date with New York, in which she goes to the Guggenheim without even checking if it was open that day (spoiler alert: it wasn’t) and then gets rained on. The blazer/skirt combo made me feel very empowered and my boss asked if I had gone to a board meeting that morning.

Overall, this week was fun. I put a lot more thought into my outfits and dressed more formally and put-together than usual. Of course, I wish I had as extensive a closet as Carrie: even when her outfit is hideous, at least it’s Chanel or something equally expensive, and her shoe closet alone is literally worth $40,000. Most of all, I am glad this article is over because my feet hurt; I will be wearing jeans, T-shirts and Vans for the next week.

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