College Republicans Continue Fight for Milo

NYU College Republicans feel that it was unfair of the university to cancel the Milo Yiannopoulos talk. They are trying again to have the event, successfully this time.


NYU College Republicans feel that it was unfair of the university to cancel the Milo Yiannopoulos talk. They are trying again to have the event, successfully this time.

Faith Gates, Staff Writer

On Oct. 16, the NYU administration cancelled Milo Yiannopoulos’ talk slated for Nov. 17; however, NYU College Republicans — the host of the event — is trying to reschedule his talk.

Yiannopoulos’ stop at NYU is part of his nationwide “The Dangerous Faggot Tour,” where he stops at higher education institutions to discuss political correctness. To still have him speak on campus, College Republicans reached out to administration but has not yet met with them about the event.

CAS junior Elena Hatib is the College Republicans’ president, and she said that the club has reached out to the administration, but nothing has changed yet.

“We have been in contact with Milo and his team, but we do not yet have a set plan on hosting his event somewhere else,” Hatib said. “We couldn’t get a hold of certain administrators yet, but many of our members reached out to Marc Wais to express their disappointment in the cancelled event.”

Vice President of Public Affairs John Beckman said in a statement that the event was canceled due to safety concerns with the event’s proximity to the LGBTQ Student Center, Islamic Center and the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs, especially following what has happened at other college campuses.

“The going-in presumption is that an event involving a speaker on NYU’s campus will go forward, and that a speaker’s views — regardless of whether he or she is controversial — are irrelevant,” Beckman said. “We have had our share of controversial speakers or events where there have been calls to cancel an event — the head of the Minute Men, Chris Simcox; the College Republicans “Find the Illegal Immigrant Game;” the showing of the Danish Cartoons, etc. — and they went forward.”

But Beckman said that in this case, which involves serious safety issues involving the welfare of the NYU community, the university had a duty to evaluate and cancel the event.

NYU is not the first school to cancel his tour. After Florida Atlantic University received a bomb threat on Thursday, Sept. 29, the university took the F.B.I.’s recommendation to cancel the event. And then on Saturday, Oct. 22, the University of Maryland canceled the event when the university security team increased its rates by $2,000, making the total cost for the event $6,500.

However, College Republicans said in a statement that it was most troubling that the university did not involve the club in its cancellation process. The statement also said that the violence was towards Yiannopoulos, rather than by the journalist or his audience members.

“To suggest that this kind of discussion puts students in danger, or that conservative students who would wish to attend this event are somehow an inherent threat to the people around them, is extremely prejudiced against conservatives and frankly all students who are interested in hearing what Mr. Yiannopoulos has to say,” the statement said. “It is deeply offensive to use this pretext to justify using the power of the NYU establishment to allow one group of students to silence another at will.”

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