Exposure | 2016 Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

Anna Letson

Every year, Tompkins Square Park hosts a Halloween dog parade. It shines the light on man’s best friend, who don costumes often better than their human counterparts. This year costumes referenced a lot of pop and political culture, featuring Star Wars characters, Ghostbusters and a pair of very political pooches. For a few hours on Saturday, October 22, the park was buzzing with canines and their companions, bringing together people and pups of all ages together. Owners plugged their dog’s Instagram accounts, hoping to get them featured on the Dogist (@thedogist), a famous dog photographer who is the Brandon Stanton of the canine world. Famous or not, our four-legged friends were the stars of the afternoon and were a great relief from the stress of midterms during October, and sparking excitement for Halloween this next weekend.





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