Five Record Stores to Ramp Up Your Vinyl Collection

Generation Records, with an emphasis on punk and metal, at 210 Thompson Street.

Although the traditional record store may seem like a rarity in this age of the internet and high-end technology, there are still a few gems to be found near NYU. Here’s our roundup of the top five stores in the area to help you score some cool, cheap finds.

Academy Records
415 E 12th St.

This store carries an excellent collection of jazz, soul, blues, country, hip hop and R&B records. Its prices are around $25 for new records, and it has a $1 bin for used 33 rpms and a $.50 bin for used 45s. Academy Records also carries rare finds. For example, they recently sold an old original jazz record for $2,000, and they are currently selling a Beatles original for $300.

What makes them stand out from other record stores in the area is that they make a large effort to be fair on the price and to stock music that caters to everyone. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They are music-lovers who are always more than happy to help out.


“This is my favorite store in the area,” CAS sophomore Antonio Jenez said. “They have a wide variety of genres and the staff has great taste. It’s one of those places where you walk in and could get lost looking and listening to records for hours.”

A1 Record Shop
439 E 6th St.

This store is known primarily for its collection of vintage soul, rap and R&B records. If you’re looking for a quaint traditional store that carries records like these, you’ve found it. It is also well-organized and has great service. At the price of being cute and cozy, A1 has no air conditioning, so make sure to dress lightly if you go on a hot day.

Turntable Lab NY Storefront
120 E 7th St

Turntable Lab is best known for being one of the few record stores out there with an online store as well. This is probably because it has a good selection of turntables and gear to go along with its records.

In terms of records, Turntable Lab has a standard collection. There is something for everyone and, because they also have an online store, anything that you can’t find in the store, you can probably get on their site. There have never been huge issues with shipping and the records usually arrive in great condition.

In Living Stereo
2 Great Jones St.

In Living Stereo is much less traditional than the other record stores in the area. This might be attributed to the fact that it started off as a CD/video/audio technology store and then expanded and added in the record aspect a few years back. Due to this, it is one of the only record stores that also carries a wide variety of new, high-end audio equipment. In Living Stereo is best known for its customer service. Appointments can be made to talk to a staff member who can help you find the perfect turntable. It has a great collection of records with selections for everyone, whether they be used or new. The pricing for used records can range from $1–$7 on average, depending on the condition.

Good Records NYC
218 E 5th St.

Good Records NYC has a marvelous collection of affordable used and new records, along with many rare records as well. You can easily buy six or seven used records for the price of a new release. The staff is extremely friendly and will allow you to play a used record to check for scratches. If a scratch is found, they will give you a discount accordingly. Much like other traditional record stores, Good Records has a very welcoming atmosphere.

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