Staff Recs: Problematic TV Shows

WSN Staff

Are You The One?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a really attractive, really stupid, emotionally vapid, perpetually drunk person? No? Well you will after watching MTV’s “Are You the One?” The show screens and casts 20 beautiful people who have had relationship trouble in the past, sticks them in a mansion for 10 weeks in Hawaii and gives them unlimited access to alcohol and stupid decisions. Their goal: to find the person who has been pre-screened (via psychology test and relationship history) as their perfect match.

I admit, I had to be convinced to get past the first episode, but once I did, I really started to feel good about my life. All of the guys are raging misogynists. They only select girls who will be overly dramatic. The people of color can barely get on screen (and generally end up with other people of color). But, all things considered, it makes for some really good entertainment, and a quick confidence boost for anyone who knows how to, like, function in society. – Bobby Wagner, Managing Editor

The Bachelorette

“The Bachelorette” is problematic for several reasons. The idea that you can fall in love in front of camera crews who have no boundaries, with suitors who were picked out by producers to epitomize favorite Hollywood tropes for America’s enjoyment, is asinine to begin with. Then there is Chris Harrison. While “The Bachelorette” claims to be the feminist alternative to the incredibly sexist original, “The Bachelor,” the actual bachelorette is held to unrealistic expectations: she needs to be sexy but not slutty, smart but not smarter than the guys, etc. I won’t even delve into the lack of diversity in this franchise or waste more time discussing the blatant double standards. But with all that said, I shamelessly tune in every week and am still hoping things work out for JoJo and Jordan even though I will always be #TeamLuke. – Gabriella Bower, Beauty and Style Editor

I flipping loved watching “The Bachelorette” this summer. There’s just something so fascinating about watching such shallow and vapid people, who on some level must know that’s what they are, pine after one person together. Whether I’m tuning in to psychoanalyze the contestants or to criticize and laugh at everything that’s going on, watching this super whitewashed, heteronormative group of people interact allows me to blow off a lot of steam. Can’t wait til Nick’s season of “The Bachelor!” – Zoe Hall, Copy Chief

New Girl

Honestly, I want to love “New Girl.” I do. And mostly, I can. But with the weird way that every character of color (yes, even Winston) only has plot arcs that revolve around their white counterparts, and that whole episode “Micropenis,” and that other whole episode “Girl Fight,” I really couldn’t stay on the bandwagon. – Hailey Nuthals, Arts Editor

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