Exposure | Iceland

Sarah Park

I’ve always spoken about “traveling the world” as something on my bucket list, but merely as a blurry plan for the future. This January, I realized I could take advantage of the month-long winter break NYU gives us, and take a step closer to crossing this off my bucket list. So, I traveled to Iceland: a rare, ethereal, and mysterious beauty I had always wanted to visit. It was a spontaneous and random decision, but a very good one nonetheless. To my surprise, four days in a foreign country would not nearly be satisfactory. I did not get to see the Northern Lights or go whale-watching as most tourists do in Iceland, but I was so immersed in all other parts of Icelandic culture that I came out of the trip more content than I could have asked. From unfamiliar foods like puffin sliders and shark, to the utmost colorful downtown city of Reykjavík, as well as more notable sites like the geysers and the Blue Lagoon, the wonder of this trip could not be done justice through even the most descriptive photos.