Staff Recs: Best Brangelina Moments

WSN Staff


I knew the truth had finally come out on Tuesday, the Greatest Day — otherwise known as the day it was revealed Angelina had filed for divorce. Despite Brad once telling the Daily Mail he was wasting his life away while he was married to Jennifer Aniston, us true fans know that just isn’t feasible. He looked his best during the five years of their marriage, and the icing on their Barbie and Ken golden lives was him cameoing on “Friends.” After the episode premiered, I knew love was real. I’m sorry, Justin Theroux who? — Jessica Martinez, Social Media Editor


My favorite Brangelina moment was definitely Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the movie that started it all. Yes, I know, this is probably when Brad was cheating on Jennifer, and that’s whack, but it was such an exciting film to watch! I’ve come to believe the chemistry between them was the major reason why I actually finished the film. Plus, Ange was so hot. — Zoe Hall, Copy Chief

The Raising of Shiloh

I don’t know whether Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Brangelina’s 10-year-old daughter, is transgender, and it’s not my place to speculate. I will, however, say that Brad and Angelina have allowed Shiloh to don short hair and masculine clothes from a very young age, despite the negative attention they knew she would receive in tabloids. Despite their turbulent marriage, the couple has shown unequivocal support of their children’s identities, especially Shiloh’s, and that may be the most important Brangelina moment of all. — Abigail Weinberg, Features Editor

The Wedding

Who could forget the wedding? I can only assume it took the nine years before the pair married to plan how incredible the event was going to be. I’d be wrong, though their children planned most of the day, from baking the cake to designing the dress. If there was ever a more touching way to symbolically unite a family, the paparazzi hasn’t found it. — Hailey Nuthals, Arts Editor

This will be ironic considering the situation, however, my favorite Brangelina moment was their wedding. At some point, I was magazine shopping in a book shop and I stumbled upon the People magazine and on the cover was the beautiful Angelina Jolie with her custom made and personalized dress. Every corner of her snow white silk dress was covered with printed drawings made by her kids. That moment took me back a bit and it really shows how much she treasures her family. Forget all the rumors about Brad, this truly shows how much love and care she put into the family. She is in an incredibly strong woman after all her struggles with health and personal life, she stands up for herself at the end of the day. It will forever be my favorite couple; however, life will bring all kinds of surprises. So go you, Angelina! — Polina Buchak, Deputy Multimedia Editor

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