Four Fashionable Follows For Your Twitter


Gabriella Bower

Even with a 140 character limit, Twitter serves as a great platform for bloggers to make an impression.

Bryna Jeffries, Contributing Writer

Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. Fashion bloggers seem to be everywhere nowadays due to the plethora of different social media platforms available to them. The question is how do you filter out the exceptional from the mediocre? Here are some outstanding fashion bloggers on Twitter who will have you completely inspired, whether it be ideas on what to wear to class or what’s the cutest dress to sport on a night on the town.

Blair Eadie of Tory Burch @BlairEadieBEE

Blair Eadie is the current Director of Merchandising at Tory Burch and still manages to maintain a perfectionist Twitter page with a media feed of her different outfits. She always makes sure to tag the places where they are from. Eadie’s sense of style can be described as the girl-next door meets street chic.

Leandra Medine of Man Repeller @LeandraMedine

Leandra Medine shows a contrast to the style of Eadie’s; however she is just as influential in the fashion blogger world. Medine is well-known for her eccentric style and extremely successful blog Man Repeller. The site has resulted in Medine being recognized on countless occasions for being one of the most forward-thinking fashion bloggers. Follow Medine’s personal account for quirky daily musings and her views on recent fashion fads or the official Man Repeller Twitter @ManRepeller to stay up-to-date on their articles and collaborations.

Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist @Sartorialist

For a more masculine aesthetic, check out adored fashion pioneer Scott Schuman. Schuman’s photographs have appeared in some of the most fashionable magazines of our time such as GQ, Vogue, Interview magazine and many others. He is the creator of The Sartorialist blog which has evolved into a serial editorial with three printed editions. His work in The Sartorialist aims to show fashion viewpoints from major cities around the world and how self-expression is one of the most powerful forms communication.

AskMen Style @AskMenStyle

To find a more traditional masculine look visit the AskMen Style account. AskMen puts a modern twist on styles originating from the 20s to the 50s. With tweets ranging from the best colognes to buy, fall looks and how to properly shave, this feed is perfect for any connoisseur of classic style. If AskMen could be described in one word, that word would be dapper.

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