New Campus Starbucks Raises Concern


Diamond Naga Siu

The new Starbucks is located on Waverly Place and Mercer St, only a few blocks from the Starbucks at Faye’s.

Faith Gates, Contributing Writer

While the line at Starbucks at Faye’s always seems to get longer, students can soon get their pumpkin spice lattes a little quicker with a new Starbucks opening up just around the block.  

This new Starbucks will be less than a five-minute walk from the Starbucks at Faye’s and a three minute walk to the Starbucks at Astor Place, taking the place of an independent coffee shop named Brad’s, the former tenant of the building.

NYU owns the 10 Waverly Place building on the southwest corner of Waverly and Mercer, and the university just unveiled the shiny green mermaid that was hidden behind the construction walls. While the opening date is currently unknown, construction is already underway, and the posted permit says that work can continue until Dec. 31.

Although this is good news for avid NYU coffee drinkers, some community members such as CAS junior Kristina Reyes wonder if this is the best use of NYU’s resources and spaces.

“I don’t agree with the idea. I would have appreciated a healthy alternative like an NYU Fresh & Co,” Reyes said. She also does not see the need for another Starbucks in the area.

However, others such as Tisch senior Johanna Mullen think that the Starbucks will do well and create revenue for NYU.

“I do think it’s a good idea because this one is usually bombarded. It will give us options,” Mullen said. “I think there could have been other things, but it’s a small space and it will be put to good use.”

The most vocal protester so far has been the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. The group was one of the first to discuss the new Starbucks on their blog, and they complained about the use of NYU space. GVSHP fears that the proliferating expansion of Starbucks and chain companies will erase individual local businesses in the area.

“There is no lack of Starbucks in the area around NYU,” GVSHP Executive Director Andrew Berman said. “People don’t come from all over the world to NYU to have more access to Starbucks. With a new president, we hoped it would start a new relationship with the surrounding community.”

GVSHP is concerned about NYU’s relationship with the community — one that has already proven tenuous in the face of the demolition and construction that will take place as NYU’s 2031 plan commences.

The group is first trying to inform the public of NYU’s plan, and then they would decide their next plan of action. It has not yet received responses from the NYU administration.

The new Starbucks may harm other local coffee shops in the area including Oren’s Daily Roast and Fair Folks and Goat.

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