NYU Steps Up

WSN Staff

*The story below ran in the September 12, 2001 print edition of the Washington Square News.

What began yesterday as a normal day in Manhattan ended in tragedy, the likes of which we may never and hope to never experience again.

Now that much of the comotion [sic] has subsided, we as a city and as a University community have to face what might be an even more difficult challenge than overcoming the shock of yesterday’s event — moving forward.

While no damage or injuries have been reported to NYU facilities, employees or students, there will undoubtedly be lost family members, friends and others that will require the support of our University. The Washington Square News would like to extend its sympathies to all involved and give a special commendation to all employees, Protection Services officers and administrators who have exerted themselves over the past 24 hours to make dealing with this situation as easy and as organized as possible. While many students have been rendered essentially homeless by yesterday’s tragedy, NYU has responded quickly and thoughtfully in providing these students with food, shelter and resources to cope with such a chaotic, daunting and ultimately uncertain situation.

We would also like to commend the students on their reaction to the discomfort and upheaval that has resulted. Students around campus overwhelmingly responded with concern, cooperation, patience and most tellingly support for the victims of the attack. NYU students joined people from all over the city to flood hospitals with blood donations and many more who were turned away due to the surplus have vowed to return later
in the week.

In the wake of such a catastrophe, it is difficult to say if things will get better before they get worse. Although it would be easy to succumb to anger and assign blame, we must continue to look past the frustration that inevitably results from such a disaster. One of the hallmarks of this University is the ethnic diversity of its student body. But, it is essential to remember that our bond as NYU students and New Yorkers defies cultural lines. Help and support, not anger, is what we need right now.

A version of this article appeared as a re-print in the Monday, Sept. 12 print edition. It was originally run on Sept. 12, 2001. Email WSN Staff at [email protected].