Staff Recs: Best Kanye Tweets

WSN Staff


I love this tweet, not only for the implied frustration and mild annoyance conveyed through Kanye’s succinctness, but because it’s so perfectly preserved here as a piece of embroidery. Not only has this tweet commented on the fickle nature of the creative process, it has become a piece of art itself. Deceptively simple yet profound, this embroidered tweet truly captures the essence of Kanye. Buy it here. -Emily Fong, Opinion Editor


Does Comic Sans send you back to the middle school meme days? Are you upset that American Apparel has monopolized Helvetica? Or maybe Times New Roman puts you in that paper-writing mood? If so, this is the Kanye tweet for you. I can count a number of times where I’ve changed fonts in Word Docs in an attempt to kill time, act as a motivating tool or alter the aesthetics. Just the other day, I was wondering what font our office label maker uses. Fonts can bring beauty (Georgia, I love you and set you as my Blackberry font), but also confusion (remember Jokerman, that uncomfortably spiky one?). Regardless, we all have a typeface that resonates and makes us feel the feels. -Grace Halio, Deputy Managing Editor


Since I’m not Kanye, I don’t have the audacity to push that close button (I’m pretty sure the Powers That Be would like, stall the car if I did). But boy, do I relate to the feeling. A seven-floor sanctuary sounds like a dream on a Wednesday morning in the Education Building elevators. -Hailey Nuthals, Arts Editor


Although Kanye has several hilarious tweets, this has to be the one that most clearly exemplifies the essence of who Kanye is. A very self-important rapper who has compared himself to the likes of Jesus and Picasso, it’s only natural that he would see a Persian rug with cherub imagery as absolutely necessary to have in his life. What exactly is cherub imagery? This remains elusive, just like a majority of Yeezy’s tweets and lyrics. While many of us are complaining about Netflix glitching, Kanye is out here crying about his Persian rug. And let’s be honest, do you think Kanye actually knows what cherub means? Debatable. -Ankita Bhanot, Deputy Features Editor

There’s a lot in this tweet. First thing’s first: Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have a twitter, on account of he did that whole inventing Facebook thing. In addition to that, if you were unaware, this was one of many tweets in an epic Kanye tweet storm asking Zuckerberg to “invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas,” which is so outstandingly audacious that I can’t help but be like, “So Zuck, your move dude.” It’s not even the fact that Kanye is asking for one billion freaking dollars that I love most. It’s that he needs Zuckerberg to call him tomorrow, based on this outstanding business pitch — which, as any business pitch might, was conducted with a tweet that had two spaces instead of a comma and a fair dose of middle school abbreviation in “bday” and “2mrrw.” And if all that brilliance wasn’t enough, he ends it with an ellipses, to really hammer home just how open-ended the “Kanye West ideas” could be. Maybe a pressed juice line? Perhaps a line of gloves with Taylor Swift’s face on the fingers? Kanye can do anything. Give him the billion. -Bobby Wagner, Managing Editor


This is definitely one of my many favorite Kanye tweets, because it hits all my favorite things about him: he’s ridiculous, he’s punny and kind of a shitty person sometimes. -Diamond Naga Siu, New Editor