Beyond Closet Capsule Collection

The Beyond Closet Capsule Collection sponsored by Korean Preview in New York (KPNY) remained true to the brand’s whimsical but structured aesthetic. Held at Industria Studios, the collection was distinctly fall/winter and fit nicely into the cold interior of the studio’s garage. Each model wore either a parka, bomber jacket, fur coat, pea coat, vest or sweater.

Every piece of outerwear was embellished with the words “Youth Culture” or an adorable pug overlaid on a heart. Dogs have become a symbol for this Korean brand. According to The Korea Times, “The brand saw its biggest success when [designer Ko Tae Yong] accidentally made a sweatshirt with a dog-designed patch in the middle called ‘Gae-T,’ or ‘Dog T-shirt.’” Now a variety of dog patchwork can be found in every collection.

Yong was the youngest designer to debut at Seoul Fashion Week at the age of 27 in 2008. Since then he continues to keep his clothes youthful and affordable. T-shirts range from $35 US dollars to the most expensive outerwear capping at $700 US dollars.
In conclusion, the Beyond Closet Capsule Collection showcased classic silhouettes and witty embellishments that have become synonymous with what the brand stands for: fun.

Gabriella Bower is the Beauty and Style Editor. Email her at [email protected]



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