Staff Recs: Arts for Your Summer 2016, Featuring Beyonce, ‘Hamilton’ and a Farting Corpse



“Swiss Army Man”, an upcoming film starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe, is amongst the list of things the Washington Square News staff are looking forward to this summer.

WSN Staff

Beyonce’s FORMATION World Tour

HOLD UP — with the recent release of Beyonce’s newest visual album LEMONADE, it’s nearly impossible not to look FORWARD to her summer concert tour (and gradual world domination). I mean, she even recorded a country song. This woman has no limits. If you were lucky enough to get tickets early, you’re probably stocking up on lemons and sugar packets as you read this. But DON’T HURT YOURSELF waiting in anticipation — FREEDOM is only a few final exams away, and maybe a few ALL NIGHTers.— Gianna Collier-Pitts, Social Media Editor

“Swiss Army Man”

You may know it as the “Daniel Radcliffe farting corpse movie,” and based on the numerous walkouts at its screenings at Sundance, “Swiss Army Man” fully commits to that ridiculous premise. The film stars Paul Dano as a man stranded on a desert island who finds a dead body washed ashore (Daniel Radcliffe) and the pair go on a fantastical expedition together to make their way home. Radcliffe is continuing his trend, now that he’s filthy rich post-“Harry Potter,” of starring in whatever weird indie he likes. I have no idea if it’ll be good, but “Swiss Army Man” is my most anticipated film of the summer, simply because I’m in awe that it exists at all. — Zach Martin, Arts Editor

“The Nice Guys”

Jon Favreau, an actor, writer and director, just had praise lauded upon him in response to his adaptation of “The Jungle Book.” Many noted his great ability to satisfy and entertain the masses. Shane Black is a tremendous people pleaser, though with a bit of a nastier spin to him, crafting such joyous, albeit violent works like the “Lethal Weapon” series and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” Black’s next work “The Nice Guys” is coming out in May and it appears to be in the same vein. Starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as rag tag detectives investigating a girl’s disappearance in the 70s. “The Nice Guys” offers violence, laughs and one damn compelling storyline. — Ethan Sapienza, Film Editor

The Tony’s

You may have heard about this year’s Tony Award Ceremony being referred to as  “The Hamilton Awards.” As college students, most of us haven’t been able to score tickets to the highly anticipated musical, unless we were lucky enough to win the lottery. But we can watch their performances on the Tony’s. I’m excited to see if “Hamilton” will really win everything or if there will be some major plot twists and new shows coming in to take the lead. And while many of us leave New York for the summer, watching the awards from our far away homes will remind us how excited we are to come back to the city in the fall. Talia Milavetz, Entertainment Editor

“The Secret Life of Pets”

This movie is going to be everything. The trailer alone leaves me giddy and smiling like an idiot. Pets are the quickest way to viewers’ hearts, and a movie that focuses completely on them can only turn out incredible. Maybe I’m biased because I’ve always wanted to put a GoPro on my pets to see what they do when we leave, but with stars like Louis C.K., Bobby Moynihan and Kevin Hart performing voiceovers, I can’t help but think this movie has the potential to follow in the enormous footsteps of its adorably animated precursors. Plus, it was made by the people who made “Minions,” and everything those people touch turns to gold. I’m counting the minutes. —Bobby Wagner, Managing Editor

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