Letter to the Editor: Addressing NYU Housing Woes

Tom Ellett

I am writing in response to your April 27 editorial, “Housing Selection Dupes Upperclassmen,” to clarify and correct some of the information. NYU has honored the four-year guarantee for every student who meets the criteria since it was established. Students are guaranteed a space within the housing system, but that does not mean they will receive their first choice.  

The room selection process for upperclassmen is designed by students. It was first created by student leaders within the Inter-Residence Hall Council in the late 1980s. Since then, the IRHC has played an integral role in the ongoing development of this process. We strongly encourage students to take the time to be engaged and informed about the process. On Tuesday, May 3, there will be a Town Hall where students can provide their insights and constructive feedback. Working together, we can provide a better experience.

Also noteworthy, our Brooklyn housing provides lower-cost options for students and the university does provide some bus transportation to NYU locations throughout the city. We know that no system is perfect, but the university is proud that it offers students a safe place to live, operates a selection process designed by students while encouraging their feedback and continues to provide lower-cost housing options.  

Tom Ellett is the Senior Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.



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