Love, Sex and All the Rest: Sex Positions and Numbers

College: pants get tighter, pockets get lighter, and if you have the luxury of living in NYU housing, beds get smaller. A twin XL seems less than ideal for a steamy, late-night hookup, but that’s what we have to work with. And honestly, it can lead to some of your best sex yet. With the size limitation comes a whole new world of position exploration. A confined space comfortably accommodates Missionary, Spoon, Cowgirl and Doggie-Style (if you don’t know these, read up, my friends. The internet is a beautiful thing). But it’s time to spice it up, people!

Below are five new positions you can try to shake up your twin XL. All of the positions listed below are gender-inclusive and can be modified to maximize your sexual pleasure. Please replace the incorporated gender pronouns with whatever best suits your needs.




Forget Auntie Anne’s. This position will have you feeling better than any Sweet Glaze-dipped soft pretzel ever has. He kneels while she lies on her side and positions one leg under him and the other leg straddled over one of his legs. This slightly complicated set-up lends itself to the deep penetration of Doggy-Style while still allowing for some face-to-face contact.


Reverse Cowgirl

He lies on his back as she straddles herself over him facing away, and lowers herself onto his penis. If you’ve done Cowgirl, this is an easy next step. Saddle up, lovers!


The Flatiron

This is an easy transition from Doggie-Style. She lies face down with her pelvis hiked up (made easier by placing a pillow underneath her hips) while he enters from behind her, knees down and torso held up with his arms. You might have to Flatiron your clothes after this one…


The X

Both lie on backs facing each other, feet touching. She lifts her right leg over his left while he lifts his right leg over her left, leaving the bodies to criss-cross. Slowly inch closer as he enters her. This position was MADE for the twin XL, so make good use of it. While it doesn’t require too much space width-wise, it requires more length that the dorm beds just happen to give us. So you can thank NYU after experiencing this x-ellent orgasm.


The G-Whiz / Shoulder-Holder

She lies on her back with her legs hoisted up on his shoulders as he positions himself facing her and enters her leaning in. This position also allows for deep penetration and really only takes up half of the bed. Cha-ching!

Remember: sex is supposed to be enjoyable for both you and your partner. If at any point you feel discomfort, make sure you stop and communicate with your partner. Also, make sure communication happens before trying these new positions, as some people may not be as comfortable with new positions — and that is totally okay. Anyway, grab some condoms, stock up on lube (your residing dorm Resource Center has tons of both) and have at it!

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There are two pivotal questions in a relationship from which you cannot return: “So what are we?” and “So how many people have you slept with?” The first question is an unavoidable inquiry when one of the participating parties of the dating ritual wants to get right to the point. Asking “So what are we?” is like ripping off a band aid: the questioning and answering is quick and possibly painless; if there is pain, at least it passes swiftly. No love lost right?

But the latter of the two questions can be a slow-ticking time bomb. This question has the potential to lay a foundation of insecurities that will underlay relationship issues to come if one or both of the parties cannot handle the truth. So is it worth knowing? Does your sex number matter? And is there a perfect time for this conversation? Yes, no and yes.

Is your sex number worth knowing?

For health purposes, it’s probably best to know how many sexual partners your partner has had. If you and your significant other can handle this conversation maturely, you’ve got a good one. If it becomes a competition, you should get out of that relationship real quick. It’s going nowhere. This segues into our next question:

Does your sex number matter?

If your partner cares for the sake of competition, then there is no point in continuing things with said partner. It’s a common misconception in our society that having more people you’ve slept with, particularly if you are a woman, makes you less desirable for marriage. Because of this societal construct, women become conservative about their sexual lives and men are encouraged to brag about theirs. In a recent study conducted by the Ohio State University — focusing solely on heteronormative relationships —  it was found that women rounded down when asked how many sexual partners they have had and men rounded up. But the fact of the matter is neither gender should feel the need to lie to his or her partner. So…

Is there a perfect time for this conversation?

The perfect time to have this conversation is when you don’t feel the need to lie to your partner because you are confident he or she will not judge you. Communication, honesty and trust all go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other and a relationship will not survive without one of these three principles. So when will you feel comfortable enough to share your number with your S.O.? Well that’s up to you two lovebirds and the gradual progression of your relationship.

Live and let live my friends,


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