How to Rock a Choker This Spring

With the choker coming back into style, here are so simple tips to make sure that you look your best.

Chokers have grown up since their inaugural ‘90s teenage days, and now they are sleeker and sexier than ever before. With the decade revival in full swing, now is the time to join it-girls like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid in rocking this trend that will instantly tie together an edgy look. We’ve compiled the best ways to wear a choker this spring.

Opt for the black choker

The easiest and most simple way to wear this trend is by opting for a black choker that will match any outfit, casual or more dressy. Whether you choose a chunky piece, a thinner velvet one or the classic jelly choker, it will bring your whole look together instantly. Partnering a thin black choker with something plunging neckline will create a dramatic look for your next night out.

Avoid your inner middle school girl


Leave tattoo chokers where they belong: on preteen girls in 1994. You probably couldn’t even walk when these were popular. Avoid tattoo chokers if you don’t want to give off an air of immaturity that screams “I still shop at Hot Topic!” You aren’t Sabrina the Teenage Witch — move on.

Make your own

Chokers are just glorified strips of fabric that should not cost $25. Instead of scouring ASOS for one, make your own version. Experiment with different fabrics: denim, ultra-thin suede, sheer or lacy ribbons are all good places to start. If you aren’t super crafty, take a look on Etsy, where you can find a good variety of homemade and affordable chokers.

Wrap it a few times

For a feminine and fashion-forward look, wrap super thin suede or velvet around your neck a few times and tie it off with a bow, creating a bolo tie. For a less delicate option, wrap chunkier fabric around your neck a few times and tie it in the back a la Lily-Rose Depp.

Use sparkles

There are a ton of choker options with jewels either lining the collar or just one in the center that are worth wearing. Just make sure to keep the rest of your outfit minimal to keep your ensemble looking mature.

Layer your choker with other jewelry

Can’t decide on a necklace today? Wearing a choker with a longer necklace is always an option — some are even sold this way. Pair a black choker with a long gold chain for a sleek look.

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