Exposure | Impossible is Possible

We all have dreams – aspirations that make us wake up every morning, goals that push us to do everything in our power to reach them. When we start, we look up to the journey ahead of us and it seems like the finish line is out of our reach. The feeling of insignificance, smallness, and distance is alike to the one if you stand by a skyscraper. The top of the building is dissolved in the clouds, yet you still have the stamina to go up – only the bravest ones will make their way to the top, at any cost. The journey that I took was 102 floors of challenges, things that could’ve made me stop or lose my self-belief that I will make it. It’s so easy to say “I’m done” when you find yourself down and start convincing yourself that your dream is impossible. My goal seems out of reach, but I promised myself to keep on pushing, because I know the reward that is waiting for me at the top. When you finally get closer and cross the finish line, the feeling of self satisfaction will overwhelm and you will find yourself motivated to thrive even higher. Never give up, because any thing that seems impossible is possible.


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