Get Your Style Instafamous Fast

The power of Instagram to create a group of followers for your blog is immense.

One of the best tools for achieving social media stardom, Instagram provides a visual path to becoming Instafamous. Two of NYU’s very own fashion gals are merging the creative medium with an entrepreneurial prowess, and shared tips for those looking to get a head start at building their brand.

Bori Kereszturi, sophomore, Steinhardt IG: @boriwankenobi

‘Basic’ is the last word one would use to describe Hungary native Bori Kereszturi. Scrolling through her Instagram, you may think to prejudge her pizza-shaped nipple pasties and suggestive poses, but this bleach blonde is taking fashion with a purpose to a whole new level.

Influenced by feminist ideology, Kereszturi is unapologetic with her style choices and uses her own artistic talents to create new
meaningful masterpieces.


Often criticized for being provocative, Kereszturi said she does not look to appeal to other people or seek gratification. She stands by her fashion.

“I constantly get backlash [and slut-shamed],” Kereszturi said. “That’s really why I do it. I mean I love attention, most of it is bad, but I genuinely don’t care because I really just dress the way I do for myself.”

Having been able to create her own niche within the fashion blogging community, she said people need to remain true to themselves rather than buy into fads.

“I feel like people should grasp how they would define themselves,” Kereszturi said. “Even though I physically can’t put it into words, I kind of know what I’m going for.”

Kereszturi believes Instagram has been the most useful app for increasing her presence in the fashion world, and thinks VSCO is ideal for editing photos.

Kelsey Nguyen, junior, Steinhardt IG: @runawayinla

Hailing from the suburbs of California, Kelsey Nguyen has been a fashion blogger since she was 14. Her blog is a trifecta of travel diaries, style guides and outfit ideas that add a splash of New York City edge to her Californian-bohemian aesthetic.

Nguyen describes herself as being parallel to her blog.

“My heart is in the West Coast but my mind is in the East Coast,” Nguyen said. “So I feel like part of me loves the ambitious, career oriented side of New York, but my heart is rooted in the laid-back, chill world of LA and SoCal.”

Afraid of being grouped with other fashion bloggers, Nguyen feels that a fashion blog only has the potential of standing out when it is a genuine reflection of who the person is.

“The first step every blogger should take is to always carve out a voice,” Nguyen said. “You want to establish a certain aesthetic, an angle to stick to on your blogging journey. It’s important that your voice is reflective of not only your style, but who you are as a person and in turn, you’ll attract readers and brands of the same interest.”

Nguyen’s favorite app for keeping organized is Wunderlist, using it to keep track of the blog posts she plans to write. She is also obsessed with Instagram for its daily source of inspiration, and VSCO for editing all of her pictures.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, April 11 print edition. Email Medardo Perez at [email protected]




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