Gotta Go? Here Are the Best and Worst NYU Bathrooms


Grace Moon

Students find that there is a wide spectrum of quality in different NYU restrooms.

By Diamond Naga Siu, Deputy News Editor

Using public restrooms is always a struggle, from finding an empty stall to strategizing how to put your belongings somewhere besides the floor. Since relieving yourself at home isn’t always an option, here is a guide to the best and worst places on campus to conduct those emergency business trips.

Five categories determined the top three best and worst NYU bathrooms: automatic flushing, toilet seat cover availability, automatic sinks, no-touch paper towel options and cleanliness (modernity might be a better name, but the cleanliness category encompassed smell, facility maintenance and environment). Each factor counted as one point, and bathrooms with tampon/pad dispensers received a bonus point, since this only affects people who menstruate.


  1. Stern: 5 + Bonus

There is no better place to get business done than in the business school, and these bathrooms reflect the school quite well: equipped with the best and latest technology. With its prime location and immaculate facilities, the only crappy factor — pun intended — is its suspicious pad and tampon fee, at 50 cents each.

  1. Hayden: 5 + Bonus

The Commuter Lounge and Hayden Dining Hall both boast remodeled bathrooms with clean new amenities. Both locations in this building win every category, along with the bonus tampon/pad machine point (at 25 cents each). Unfortunately, the inconvenient building location prevents it from receiving first place.

  1. Academic Resource Center: 5 + Bonus

Also known as the ARC, this is the most underrated on-campus bathroom. These sparkling facilities smell great for a bathroom, though its vicinity to Argo Tea might contribute to the aroma. Regardless, ARC claims the top spot for its convenient location, availability and 25 cent tampons and pads.

*Due to NYU’s large size, more locations than the one listed received perfect scores with the bonus, but these won for their prime locations and environments.


  1. University Hall: 1

Hidden next to Burger Studio and the P.O.D. Market, the only redeeming characteristic of this bathroom is its cleanliness. While it lacks all the other factors, the facilities are dry, well kept and do not smell. While this restroom lacks tampon and pad machines and thus cannot receive a bonus point, its vicinity to the P.O.D. Market stocked with pads somewhat amends this deficiency.

  1. NYU Faculty of Arts and Science: 0 + bonus

This confusing building is home to the largest school on campus: CAS. But the large student population brings traffic to the bathrooms, which fail every category except for the bonus section. At 25 cents per tampon and pad, that is the only redeeming quality of this bathroom, which often has a line outside the door and liquid on the floor.

  1. Weinstein: 0

Located between WNYU and Downstein, this bathroom reflects the residence hall itself: while undesirable, at least there is food. Not only does this bathroom fail all five categories, but it also rarely has toilet paper due to its high traffic. The toilet seats are often wet, and the lack of paper products gives students no other option but to squat or get soaked.

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