Get the Most Out of Your Dining Dollars


Pranati Wadhawan

Paper towels are one of the many essential dorm items you can purchase using dining dollars.

By Diamond Naga Siu, Deputy News Editor

From matcha green tea to vegan ice cream, NYU Dining Dollars let students buy a variety of foods to supplement their dining hall diets. But in addition to food, Dining Dollars also allow students to buy a variety of amenities and goods at locations such as Palladium, Sidestein Market and the P.O.D. Market in University Hall.


These are definitely some of the most underappreciated commodities. All of the on-campus markets boast a stock of standard AA and AAA batteries for everyday use.

Ziploc bags

These slippery plastic bags come in clutch for the most random situations. Compared to reusable boxes, ziplocs are great space savers for unfinished food and containers for carrying food to munch on during long lectures.


Students no longer need to fear the sniffles, since the mini-markets sell Mucinex — this panacea aims to relieve symptoms of the common cold.

Neutrogena face wash

Campus convenience stores provide a variety of skin-cleansing Neutrogena products that range from acne-clearing face wash and blackhead eliminators. For those who do not use Neutrogena, the mini-markets also carry other brands, such as Clearasil.

Rubbing alcohol

Most commonly used for cleaning, rubbing alcohol can cleanse the goriest of wounds to the dirtiest of toilet bowls. This strong chemical can also serve multiple household purposes, from removing stovetop grease to defrosting glass windows.

Shower poufs

You don’t need to make trips to Duane Reade for shower accessories anymore! The stores sell shower poufs for those who enjoy showering with these puffy shower facilitators.This is especially convenient, since studies show that people should replace their shower poufs every month to avoid spreading germs.

Paper towels

With life’s clumsy accidents, it’s easy to go through a few paper towel rolls per month. But this doesn’t mean your wallet has to take a toll! You can use Dining Dollars to purchase all the paper towels you’ll need to clean up after a party or even to prevent spilling on your comfoter.

Coffee filters

NYU makes enjoying a fancier cup of joe easier with filters for coffee purists, but this bowl-shaped paper product can serve many functions beyond refining the perfect view. Coffee filters are perfect for serving snacks and for filtering wine from bottles with broken corks.

Starbucks/Dunkin’ Donuts/Argo Tea paraphernalia

In addition to selling refreshments and food, these cafes also allow students to buy their merchandise with Dining Dollars. From tumbler mugs and teapots to coffee beans and loose-leaf teas, these locations make gifting easy for college students on a tight budget.

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