Bernie Sanders Is Coming to Washington Square Park Next Week



After a win in Wisconsin on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders trails Hillary Clinton by about 200 pledged delegates.

Diamond Naga Siu, Deputy News Editor

NYU students are ready to feel the Bern in person, as the Vermont Senator and Presidential Candidate will host a rally in Washington Square Park on Wednesday, April 13.

Sanders rescheduled the rally from Thursday, April 14 so that he could debate against Hillary Clinton. The two will compete to win the 291 New York Democratic delegates on Tuesday, April 19.

Gallatin freshman and College Democrats member Sara Nason said she appreciates Sanders’ consistent transparency.

“While revolution seems to be a taboo word for a lot of people who lean away from Sanders, the rhetoric he uses is only a degree higher than what Obama used in his 2008 campaign,” Nason said. “Our generation started believing that change is necessary to developing a strong country when we watched history being made in 2008, and we’re ready to keep moving in that direction with Sanders as [the president] to necessitate justice and equal rights for all.”

CAS sophomore and College Democrats Campaign Director Fadumo Osman also plans to attend the Washington Square Park rally. She was disappointed after not getting a chance to meet Sanders during the South Bronx rally last Thursday.

“The amount of people, especially young voters, will reiterate the message that there is a very large movement behind Sanders — a movement that will not die out even after his campaign,” Osman said. “It is still possible to mobilize thousands in a way that promotes unity, kindness and progressive action.”

Osman said the sheer amount of people who attend these events not only invigorates Sanders’ supporters but also reenergizes many who left themselves out of the political campaign circus.

CAS senior and College Democrats Treasurer Gabriel Jerome joked that those who cannot attend the event due to class should try getting a pardon from Sanders. Jerome plans to attend the rally and is excited to see Sanders in a serious setting, after seeing him during a taping of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore that had fewer than 100 attendees.

“I’m pretty psyched as you can image,” Jerome said. “I saw Elizabeth Warren about a year ago, and I felt really excited about the direction of the country after she spoke.”

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