Try Alternative Coffee With Cups

The new app Cups revolutionizes coffee drinking by allowing subscribers to redeem discounted coffee from participating cafes.

With Starbucks at Faye’s and Think Coffee so close to campus, many NYU students forgo variety for the sake of convenience. It’s difficult to scope out a new location, and even harder to think about paying upwards of $5 for a cup of coffee when dining dollars are calling your name from the comfort of Faye’s.

That’s where Cups comes in. Cups is the perfect discovery app for the independent coffeehouse fans who love their joe, but still want to save some money. The app, originating from Israel, has recently made its way to New York and is revolutionizing the coffee shop market. It aims to chip into the dominance of chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts by making independent coffeehouses just as affordable.

The app makes revenue through its subscription plan system. It allows the user to pay a flat fee per month to receive a number of discounted “cups” that can be redeemed at any of the listed partner stores. The user is able to search for new stores, browse menus and pay, all with a phone.

The payment system seems almost criminally cheap. There are two general types of plans available depending on your drinking habits: The Basics and All Drinks, which are both pretty self-explanatory. The Basics plan includes any size of brew, drip, tea and small iced coffee. You can get your cup to stay or to go and the prices start at $2 per cup. The All Drinks plan is only a dollar more and includes, you guessed it, all drinks — essentially anything your heart desires. Cups also has an Unlimited Plan for the woefully addicted. This plan can be used in tandem with either The Basics or the All Drinks plan and allows the user to drink as much coffee as they physically can for only $4 a day.


This offer is particularly impressive when viewed in conjunction with the many stores Cups partners with. These aren’t Starbucks-level coffeeshops by any means. From Coffeed to Mille Feuille, the app boasts various high-quality options. In addition, the majority of the partnering stores are located downtown and in Brooklyn, which makes fueling your caffeine addiction all the more convenient while on campus.

Whether you have one frappuccino a week or pound four cups of black coffee every day, Cups is an affordable alternative to the major coffee chains.

A version of this article appeared in the April 4 print edition. Email Paris Martineau at [email protected]




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