DEVELOPING: IEC Will Not Get Previously-Promised Meeting with Common App CEO

CAS alumna Emma Pliskin addresses the crowd during IEC's sit in last weekend

The Incarceration to Education Coalition announced Tuesday morning that its meeting with NYU administration and the Common Application to discuss banning the box at NYU would no longer include interim Common Application CEO Paul Mott. IEC organizers were promised a private, recorded conversation with Mott after they organized a 36 hour sit-in at the Kimmel Center for Student Life last weekend.

In a statement released Tuesday morning, IEC organizers demanded that the Executive Director of the Common Application, Rob Killion, be present in Mott’s place.

“The Common Application has reneged on the agreement for the CEO to meet with IEC today about #AbolishtheBoxNYU,” the statement reads. “We are outraged by this poor behavior. IEC demands that Rob Killian [sic], Executive Director of the Common App and highest paid employee, must attend this meeting. The responsibility of this nonprofit organization to maintain transparency and accountability to the community is clear.”

However, it is unclear whether Mott or Killion are still employed by the Common Application. Politico reported Tuesday morning that Mott was stepping down as the Common Application’s CEO and Killion stepped down as Executive Director of the Common Application in early 2014.


At the time of publication, the IEC still planned to meet representatives of the Common Application. The Common Application’s representatives will be Chairman of the Board Gil J. Villanueva, Senior Director of Marketing and Communication Aba Blankson, Senior staff member Chad Massie and Senior Staff Member Scott Anderson.

This is a developing story. We will update with comment from NYU as this story progresses.

Update — March 29, 9:00 p.m.

The IEC went ahead with today’s meeting as planned. They released the following statement after their conversation with Common App representatives and NYU administrators.

“Our meeting with the Common Application went as expected. The CA is substantially lacking in relevant knowledge on THE BOX. Now it is time to refocus on NYU and the steps the administration can take independently to stop the exclusion of formerly incarcerated people from our school. We’re also looking forward to more fruitful conversations with the Common Application, that will lead to abolishing THE BOX nationally. Thank you to everyone who supported us and empowered us! We love you so much!! We’ll be putting up the recording of the meeting soon!”

In addition, NYU spokesperson Matt Nagel released the following statement on behalf of the university.

“NYU set up a meeting between IEC and The Common App. The meeting was a chance for IEC students to share their perspective with the leadership from the Common App and have an open and honest discussion about this important issue. As agreed, the IEC set the agenda and led the discussion. We appreciate both groups taking the time on such short notice. NYU, The Common App and IEC have agreed to meet again and look forward to continuing the conversation.”

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