Turn Your Dorm Green This Spring


Anna Letson

A variety of succulents are a lively addition to a dorm, and are easy to maintain.

By Mallori Albright, Staff Writer

It’s officially spring, and that means that it’s time for plants and flowers to bud in gardens (and sidewalks) almost everywhere. This might even mean that it’s time for you to liven up your living space, whether that is a dorm or an apartment, with some greenery. Plants can act as air purifiers in the stuffy, cramped rooms where most of us live.

Most dorm room plants are inexpensive and sold at many florists and garden stores. Wal-Mart and the Home Depot sell succulents for under $10. And if you want a bigger selection to choose from, check out sellers on sites like Amazon and Etsy where you can find more specialized plants that will fit your dorm room decor.

If you have a green thumb, or even a black thumb, check out this guide for plants that are perfectly suitable for the college lifestyle.

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant is one of the best plants for college living. Aloe plants require very little maintenance throughout the year. In fact, you should allow the soil of your aloe vera to dry completely before you water it again. Make sure that it receives indirect sunlight, and take note that the plant only needs to be fertilized once a month during the spring and summer seasons. Another bonus of aloe vera is that it will decorate your space while also providing medicinal benefits in the form of aloe vera gel, which is found in its leaves.

Peace Lily

For those of you who like to see some type of blossom with your plant, the peace lily is a good choice. A dark green plant with large white bloom, it  needs water when the top of the soil is dry, little sunlight and monthly  fertilization during spring and summer.

Snake Plant

If you are looking for a plant that you can neglect during midterm season, then this is the plant for you. Snake plants can survive for weeks without attention, and you only have to water it once the soil feels dry to the touch. These light-green plants grow best with indirect sunlight, and you only have to fertilize them a small amount between the spring and summer.


Bamboo is a great plant for your dorm room because it is small in size and doesn’t require much maintenance. The bamboo plant needs to be watered once a week and fertilized once a year. It enjoys indirect sunlight.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is another hardy option if you have very little time but want to add greenery to your room. You can allow the soil to dry out between watering, and the plant requires indirect sunlight. Spider plants do need a bit more care in the spring and summer, with fertilizing twice a month.

A version of this article appeared in the Mar. 28 print edition. Email Mallori Albright at [email protected]