8 Essential Dorm Room Foods That Will Last


Ashley Arnold

Lucky Charms and Saltines are both great long-lasting snacks you can purchase so you can stay in your dorm when hungry.

Diamond Naga Siu, Deputy News Editor

Whether it’s bad weather or just plain laziness, there are so many excuses to not leave the dorm — or even the room — for food. To encourage this hibernation, here are 10 non-perishable dorm staples that do not require a microwave or fridge to make a meal.


Make your parents proud by choosing this healthy option. You can make it the traditional method by stirring half a cup of oats with one cup of boiling water, but for extra pizazz, dice in some fruits for a nutritious and flavorful meal. To soften harder fruits such as apples, cut them into bite-sized chunks, and then add them into the water at the same time as the oats.


Whether from dining halls or farmers’ markets, fruits not only make a great morning or midday meal, but they also act as a fresh accompaniment for any meal. A good, steady assortment of fruits makes eating the rainbow convenient and delicious, and as the weather warms up, a greater variety of fresh fruits should start appearing in stores.


From bagels to tortillas, bread has no limits. While the classic sliced loaf comes to mind, this staple takes many forms and is delicious when consumed alone or with a favorite spread, such as marmalade or jam. Bread pairs well with a large assortment of nonperishable food, so you will never get bored with this. And some adventurous people could even try the Elvis classic: peanut butter and banana sandwiches.


While spreads such as peanut butter and Nutella taste delicious on bread, eating a spoonful of one of these sweet spreads can also act as a great substitute for ice cream or pudding, since they do not require refrigeration or freezing. Trader Joe’s offers a variety of interesting nut butters and spreads, such as its famous Cookie Butter.


A more calorically packed version of cereal, granola satisfies hunger and provides a fast substitute for a meal. Although it cannot replace all three meals, granola serves as a convenient alternative for breakfast or lunch. If a whole bag of granola is trying on your self control, buy granola bars for a pre-portioned option.


Go nuts over how many different types of nuts you can find in grocery stores. Although they do not constitute a meal, this nutritious snack fills you up quickly. While nuts have a high fat content, the fats in nuts are actually necessary to help you lose weight, so eat away!


Although this breakfast classic most commonly pairs with milk, cereal tastes delightful alone and is a filling way to start the day.

Instant Noodles

Are you really a college student if you don’t eat at least one pack of instant noodles? Although unhealthy and less than satiating, this classic college meal is quick, easy and a warm alternative to most junk food.

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