How to Get the Most Out Of NYU’s Mobile App


Anna Letson

NYU Mobile 3.0 has a whole new look with features such as access to NYU Classes.

Lexi Faunce, News Editor

NYU Mobile, NYU’s app for Apple and Android mobile devices, just launched its version 3.0. WSN has the breakdown of the app’s top five most useful features.

1. Access NYU Classes on-the-go

NYU Classes can be easily accessed on your smartphone, allowing you to view the same announcements, assignments and gradebook categories as the web version. While this is a read-only adaptation of the platform, the feature is perfect for skimming over paper details your professor just uploaded, or even viewing PowerPoint slides for next week’s exam. NYU Classes can be found on the app’s home page by scrolling down and clicking on the purple banner. Logging in with your NetID and password will give you instant access to your semester’s courses.

2. Restroom locations throughout NYU buildings

While NYU Mobile’s past versions included several map features, its latest installment added a component for restroom locations on campus. You are directed to the general Washington Square map section by clicking on the green banner on the app’s home page. Then, select the All Gender Bathrooms category from a drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner. From there, you can browse various restroom locations in NYU buildings listed in alphabetical order. Selecting a specific location will show where the restroom is on a map and even show what floor of the building the bathroom is on. You are also shown whether the restroom is gender neutral, wheelchair accessible and the hours it is available.

3. Daily menus for all dining halls and campus eateries

Knowing where and when you can get food on campus is essential for college students. NYU Mobile’s blue Dining banner catalogs all locations throughout Manhattan that accept meal-swipes and dining dollars. The Daily Menu section lists the three all-you-can-eat dining halls and their respective breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Meanwhile, the Fixed Menu category details a location’s meal choices and their prices when selecting a dining venue. In addition, the Fixed Menu also showcases each eateries’ hours and location on campus.

4. Real-time NYU Shuttle tracking

The app’s NYU Shuttle feature accurately depicts each shuttle’s route on campus. The pink Shuttle banner on the app’s home page directs you to a list of running and offline shuttles arranged alphabetically. By selecting your desired shuttle, you can locate its nearest stop as well as directions to get there. In addition, the feature announces the shuttle’s predicted arrival time for each stop. Information for the Research Shuttle, Park Avenue shuttle and the NYU Medical Ferry are also provided.

5. Bookmarking feature for NYU News and NYU Events

NYU news and NYU events are conveniently found on the app’s home page and can be accessed by clicking on the orange and pink banners, respectively. Breaking news stories are consistently updated through the app’s interface so you can catch up with NYU’s latest press releases, events and research. The events tab allows users to search for NYU related activities happening on campus for the current date, within either the next 15 days or within the next 30 days. In addition, both the news and events features allow you to bookmark interesting things you would like to go back to.

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