Pommes Frites Aims for Comeback Next Month in Greenwich Village


Alex Bazeley

The strip of Macdougal Street along which the new Pommes Frites will set up shop is home to a slew of popular food stops, including Artichoke Pizza and Saigon Shack.

Alex Bazeley, Editor-in-Chief

For those of you whose past few months have been bleak and fry-less, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: Pommes Frites is expected to reopen next month right on campus.

A year ago, the shop, which has achieved cult status among students and East Village residents alike, was destroyed in a gas-related explosion that rocked Second Avenue, setting four buildings ablaze. Now, Eater reports that the beloved institution is set to open this April.

The new location is housed at 128 Macdougal St. — right next to Washington Square Park and in the heart of NYU’s campus. It will reportedly have more room and more deep fryers, and has even been approved for a beer and wine license. CAS sophomore Taylor McCann said he’s ready for the restaurant to make its comeback.

“I’m definitely excited for the new location to open up because Pommes Frites is one of my favorite things to eat after class,” McCann said. “Life is not as good without having French fries readily available.”

Pommes Frites — whose fries are of the Belgian sort, not French — has been an East Village mainstay for more than a decade. Porter Yelton, also a CAS sophomore, said he is thrilled to hear the news, but is a little skeptical that it’ll be ready when they say it will be.

“One of my best friends lives next door to the new location, and the ‘Pommes Frites — opening soon’ sign has been in the window since she moved in in August,” Yelton said. “Frankly, I’ll believe it — and rejoice — when I see it.”

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