Meet the Model: Conrad Bischoff

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.37.20 PM Cropped

Started career: 17 years old

Agency: RED

“I was drawn into the fashion world because no one can deny how exciting it is but I’m staying in it for the people. You always come to admire them.”


What’s your favorite part about modeling?

The people. The clothes are great but the people who you get to meet — photographers, backstage people such as make-up artists — they all come from such different backgrounds and broke into the industry in different ways. It’s great. And we’re all like minded.

How do you balance school with your career?

I take all my classes on two days. And as a model you always need to weigh your options: is this job going to help me? Is it going to be good for my book? Is it good enough pay that I can walk away with something? There’s a big misconception that models are grossly overpaid. Pick what is going to be best for you . You aren’t going to get every job so also consider what your chances are of getting a job.

Advice for those trying to make it in the fashion industry?

Make sure you are doing what’s best for you. Understand it’s a long process and success won’t be immediate like it is for some people. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Especially when good news starts coming, have patience.

A version of this article appeared in the Feb. 22 print edition. Email Gabriella Bower and Tatiana Perez at [email protected]



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