What to Watch on Valentine’s Day, Depending on Your Relationship Status


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A modern classic, Clueless is one of many options to watch on Netflix this Valentine’s Day.

Lily Dolin, Staff Writer

For the hopeless romantic

“Pride and Prejudice”

Sometimes we all need a little Mr. Darcy in our lives. “Pride and Prejudice” is a beautiful movie about overcoming vanity and stereotypes to find true love. While some people like the Colin Firth version, clearly the best adaption is with Keira Knightley. If you love strong heroines, 19th century dresses, brooding stares and sexual tension, you’re sure to love this movie.


For the happy single


While Valentine’s Day is typically a day for couples, it can also be a time to crack open a box of chocolates, stay in your PJs and watch movies with your best friends. For all you singles out there, “Clueless” is the perfect movie this Valentine’s Day. A modern take on a classic Jane Austen novel, “Clueless” follows high schooler Cher and her misadventures as she tries to play matchmaker. This movie teaches a lot about friendship, love and cute plaid skirts. Plus, Paul Rudd is total Valentine’s Day eye candy.


For someone who loves film

“Cinema Paradiso”

If your true love this year is film, this one is for you. The 1989 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winner, “Cinema Paradiso” chronicles a young boy throughout his life, and examines the relationships he maintains with his hometown, his mentor and most importantly, with movies themselves. The cinematography is striking, and the plot is rich and fulfilling. This movie is truly a cinematic masterpiece that will make you feel heartache and happiness at the same time.


For someone going through a breakup

“Arrested Development”

The best medicine for a lovesick heart is laughter, which is why “Arrested Development” is the perfect remedy for the breakup blues. The show follows the dysfunctional Bluth family as they try to rebuild their lives after the arrest of their patriarch, George Bluth. The Bluths are experts in weird relationships, whether it’s falling in love with a cousin, or dating their mother’s frenemy. “Arrested Development” shows us the strange side of love, and reminds us that sometimes relationships aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.


For couples to watch together

“How To Get Away With Murder”

Valentine’s Day is one of the sexiest times of the year, and nothing is sexier than Viola Davis being a badass and covering up murders. “How To Get Away With Murder” focuses on criminal defense attorney Annalise Keating and her interns as they get caught up in dark killings. This suspenseful show is perfect for couples who want to snuggle up close together on a couch and watch edgy television. The intense plot twists make “How To Get Away With Murder” the perfect show to watch in the arms of your valentine.


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