How NYU Twitter Reacted to Future at the Violet 100 Concert



Future will be performing a concert exclusively for NYU students later this month.

Anne Cruz and Lexi Faunce

On Tuesday, the NYU Program Board announced that rapper Future would headline its Violet 100 Concert, which coincides with NYU’s annual Spirit Week.

Students took to Twitter to express their excitement for the concert, which will take place on Feb. 24 at Terminal 5. The concert will only be open to NYU students, with tickets costing $20.

What a time to be alive indeed. Some students were very passionate in their responses to the announcement,

Other students expressed this opportunity as a “dream come true” and also, “lit.”

The tuition is $70k a year, but for another $20 you can go to a dope concert.

However, some students expressed concern about maintaining their street cred.

And one student was even a little peeved by NYU’s choice.

Maybe she should take advice from this almost too reasonably worded tweet.

Regardless of what you decide to do, your NYU ID doubles as exclusive access. Go Violets.

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