Eidos Fall/Winter 2016

Eighty Wooster St. was the quaint location for the Eidos Fall/Winter 2016 presentation. The space was dimly light with only spotlights on the floor to ceiling individual platforms resembling life size shadowbox frames. Every man was poised with an effortless presence of chic. The looks ranged from loungewear with a professional edge to outfits perfectly suited for the modern ‘Dapper Dan.’

Throughout the collection were layered knits, mixed textures and impeccable tailoring. What particularly stood out were the hats. From an orange floppy crochet hat to a blue knitted fedora and the classic beanie, it was clear that hats will be a new trend for men this coming fall. Eidos presented a collection full of individually stylish pieces that could be mixed and matched or worn separately allowing for a seamless integration into any man’s wardrobe.

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