How to Trick Your NYU Friends Into Watching the Super Bowl

Michael Thompson, Sports Editor

It’s Super Bowl Week, and as the players and personnel from the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos prepare for the big game, millions of Americans are faced with the overwhelming pressure of playing the role of party host for the biggest television event of the year. A Super Bowl party can make or break your neighborhood reputation — if it’s great, you’ll bask in the glory of recognition for days, and maybe even weeks to come. But if it’s a downer, don’t expect to have many guests over in the near future.

The dilemma is magnified at NYU, where sports play second fiddle to politics, arts and even Buzzfeed videos of puppies. How can you appeal to your friends who care more about the halftime show than what’s happening on the field? The answer is actually simpler than you think: compromise. Fortunately, WSN Sports has the vital tips to make your party a fun time for everyone.


As a general rule, it’s looked down upon to serve any food considered healthy at a Super Bowl party. If you serve vegetables, they better be fried. Pizza and chicken wings are usually sure things, because the only thing people love more than fried meat is fried bread with cheese on top of it. Also be sure to have a variety of potato chips and appetizers to keep your hungry crowd happy. And if you’re over 21, invest in plenty of liquid courage — specifically beer —  because nothing goes better with greasy food than a cold one. The only downside of these suggestions is that they may not appeal to everyone. If your hands are tied and you’re backed up to the goal line, be respectful of the exceptions and cater to those who have a food allergy or choose to not eat dairy, meat or other products.

Make the game accessible

Good luck trying to explain the down system or the pass interference call to those of your guests who aren’t well-versed in the game. Instead, appeal to the interests of NYU students by connecting the game to topics they care about.

“What material are the Panthers’ jerseys made from?”

“What shade of orange is Peyton Manning wearing?”

“What did that last hit do to Ted Ginn Jr.’s cognitive functions now and potentially in the future?”

“Did you know a 30 second ad costs millions of dollars?”

Once you’re speaking their language, the party is sure to be a hit.


Ambiance is key. Even if your guests don’t particularly care for the sport, they’ll appreciate humorous decorations that took time to prepare. Go all out: hang little footballs from the ceiling, place toothpick team flags in the Pizza Rolls you serve and, if you’re feeling ambitious, build a mini football field in your room. Couple that with a large flatscreen television and you’re well on your way.

Be courteous, even if you don’t want to

Yes, that means you’ll be watching the halftime show and be forced to hear what people think of it. Even if you think Coldplay peaked in 2008 or if Beyonce just isn’t your cup of tea, be prepared to sit through a half-hour debate over her outfit and other non-football related topics.


Promise to keep the volume up during the show and to not talk over the lip-synched mediocrity. Even if it’s tortuous, your graciousness will score important points with your guests.

Following these simple steps will certainly be the keys to your party’s success. Chances are most of your guests won’t remember the score by Monday morning, but they’ll surely remember the food, drinks and entertainment. Good luck!

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