Five Things You Need to Survive the Next Blizzard


Christian Forte

As the snow from the last storm melts, ensure you are ready for the next one!

Kendall Levison, Features Editor

Now that we’ve all survived #Snowzilla, it’s the perfect time to make sure that your apartment or dorm room is prepared for the next winter storm. Here are the top five things you’ll need to make it through an upcoming blizzard:


A well-stocked pantry is the only thing between you and surviving on stale Cheetos from your dorm hall vending machine until the snow lets up. Make sure that you have enough nutritious, shelf-stable food to last at least a few days. Canned goods are great for this think soup, beans and fruit. Shelf-stable foods are key because if the storm knocks out power lines, the food in your fridge and freezer won’t stay good for long. If you have a gas stove, make sure you also have a lighter on hand. The ignitor on each burner won’t work without electricity, and you’ll probably want to heat up that canned soup.


This is the only time where bottled water is really the best option. Winter storms can freeze the pipes that deliver water to your sink, so make sure you have at least a couple bottles on hand for each person you live with. Gallon-sized containers are usually less expensive, easier to store and more environmentally friendly than individual bottles, so grab a few on your next grocery run.


Make sure that all your snowed-in essentials like flashlights or a radio have batteries. Also pay attention to what kind of batteries your electronics take. Stockpiling AA’s is great unless the one thing you need runs on D’s.


Sure, the CVS down the block might be open 24 hours a day, but not during a blizzard. If you need to take medication every day, make sure you have at least three days worth of pills in reserve. Same thing goes for contact lenses, or any other medical supplies.


Waiting out the storm by binge-watching “Making a Murder” sounds great, but you’ll need something to do when your laptop’s battery finally runs out. Buy a deck of cards or your favorite board game for some power-free entertainment. As a bonus, you’ll be all ready to host game night once the city thaws out.

While you can’t add it to your emergency kit, there’s one last thing you should have to survive the winter information. Keep tabs on winter weather by signing up for Notify NYC, a free service from the City of New York. Subscribers get text messages about storm alerts, transit shutdowns and closures of city services.


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