NYU Senior Stars in New Web Series


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The cast of “My Life As Morgan,” a YouTube series created by NYU senior Katherine Banos.

Anubhuti Kumar, Staff Writer

In “My Life as Morgan” NYU senior Katherine Banos sets her sights on the platform of YouTube, showing how social media can create new, creative and innovative ways of presentation. Banos plays the lead character Morgan, an underdog trying to survive her entry level job with her unique coworkers, one of whom she is in love with.

The series, a sharp comedy that deals with life in the cutthroat world of the Big Apple portrays a version of the young New Yorker that many NYU students can relate to. Throughout the first two six to eight minute installments, Morgan’s inner monologue narrates the happenings of a typical day in her life — from her commute to constant tardiness to her romantic interest in a coworker. These seemingly mundane activities and events take on a new, hilarious tone with the overly serious, almost sarcastic manner in which Morgan laments the gum on her shoe or judges her cubicle mate before begrudgingly admitting that she might be cooler than expected.

Banos’ portrayal of Morgan is the highlight of the new series. She perfectly embodies the character who seems to consistently get the short end of the stick and to whom even the smallest annoyances are the end of the world. She balances the character with an awareness of how privileged Morgan is to create a comical, satirical effect.  

A smart look at the current generation without taking itself too seriously, the series depicts the highs and lows of modern life and the less-than-glamorous side of New York, such as cracking an iPhone screen on the sidewalk. The first episode establishes Morgan’s love for her coworker as she frustratedly works her job in the music industry, aspiring to make it big as a producer. When the love of her life throws a wrench in her plans, the second episode answers the question: Will Morgan help him get the girl of his dreams at her own expense?

The upbeat music, including the theme “Make a Move” by Sleep State, seems to serve as inspiration as Morgan starts her day, but any positivity it may lend her is quickly thwarted by the crowds and couples that make the commute unbearable.

“My Life as Morgan” is a web series that is easily worth the 10 minutes it takes to watch an episode. And it takes just two episodes to have the audience invested in finding out whether Morgan’s dreams and aspirations are achieved or continue to be thwarted.

A version of this article appeared in the Jan. 25th print edition. Email Anubhuti Kumar at [email protected].