Winter scents for a seasonal fragrance


Mathilde Van Tulder

These stronger scents are perfect for the cold weather.

Adryan Son, Staff Writer

For centuries, perfumes have been essential parts to complete our grooming. A plethora of factors such as season, gender and occasion decide what type of scent is the most appropriate to wear. Here are some tips on choosing a right scent for this Fall/Winter.

Choose a fragrance that is heavier. Heavier scents are more appropriate for the cold, dry air. Two different strong scents are never meant to be worn together, so use a body wash or deodorant that matches your cologne or perfume. Instead of having two scents that clash with one another, they’ll complement each other. If you want to emphasize your luxury fragrance, make sure to use a body wash or deodorant that has a minimal or neutral fragrance.

Moisturize your skin before wearing your scent to help your scent last longer. If you are going on a date, spray your fragrance on your hair or scarf for an extra touch. When you’re bundled up in winter layers and doubting that your date can sense the fragrance, that dab on your scarf or hair can be your lifeline. Once you’ve explored your options, find a signature scent that defines you and always keep it ready to go. Here are some of this season’s top fragrances.



With a soft, woody and almost chocolate-like scent, Valentino’s ‘Uomo’ Fragrance will remind you of sitting by a bonfire on a Saturday night with your date. A strong, smoky, masculine scent like Tom Ford Tuscan Leather is perfect for a bar night. BLACK Comme des Garçons is a woody, aromatic fragrance with a unique leather, pepperwood scent. A perfect mix of lavender, rosemary and tonka bean brings you back to simpler times with Maison Martin Margiela’s Replica ‘At the Barber’s’ Cologne. John Varvatos ‘Dark Rebel’ Eau de Toilette is a rich mix of earthy scents, Jamaican rum, sweet tobacco and comforting vanilla is perfect for the cold weather.



Distinct notes such as Bulgarian rose, pink pepper, vetiver, magnolia and raspberry captures the grandness of a garden in Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge. Along with a hand-painted package, PATCH NYC Bear Eau de Cologne is a mix of fig, cedar, amber wood and honey with a fresh kick and some weight. COCO Noir by Chanel’s splendid notes of grapefruit and bergamot with a spice of Indonesian Patchouli and Sandalwood notes add warmth. Shiseido Ever Bloom was inspired by Shizo Fukuhara’s photo of a black and white photo of camellia in 1940. He is the son of the founder of Shiseido. It’s name represents the smell: white flowers, freshly opening. Marc Jacobs Decadence with signature notes of iris, plum, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, amber and papyrus woods smells sexy and luxurious.
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