Rob Schneider’s Netflix special ‘Real Rob,’ disappoints



“Real Rob,” starring Rob Schneider and Patricia Azarcoya Arce is enjoyable, but not engaging.

Talia Milavetz, Staff Writer

“Real Rob” is comedian Rob Schneider’s new Netflix special that feels more real than fake, with his wife Patricia Azarcoya Arce playing his wife in the mockumentary-style show. The show premiered Dec. 1 on Netflix with eight episodes to round off its first season.


True to its mockumentary genre, the characters often speak directly to the camera. The first episode revolves around Rob’s attempt to replace his terrible assistant with someone who is capable to meet his daily needs. Rob finds an unlikely replacement in his biggest stalker, who sits outside Rob’s house day in and day out and knows everything about his schedule, wants and needs. The dynamic between Rob and his stalker-turned-assistant is the funniest part of the first episode.


The first episode definitely had its laugh out loud moments but it was not packed with hilarity at every moment. At home, Rob deals with deciding whether to have more kids or a vasectomy, while at work he struggles with booking commercials and not getting cast in movies.The juxtaposition of his family life and work life can be funny, but it is not as funny as expected.


By the second episode, the problems between Rob and his assistant feel like old news. So do the problems between Rob and his wife, who hired a hot, male nanny/dancer to take care of their daughter. The scenes are overall enjoyable to watch, but not especially new or surprising.


The surprise of “Real Rob” comes from the combination of so many different television tropes. Not only is the show mockumentary, but it combines stand-up and sitcom as well. This is incredibly innovative for the first episode. But after a few episodes, the viewer gets used to this style and they are left with a format that feels more disjointed than anything.


Overall, “Real Rob” is mildly entertaining. Fans of “Louie” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm” will likely enjoy Schneider’s take on this type of comedy. Fans of the traditional sitcom may find the story elements lacking. There is no strong plot and while the events that do happen are original and not standard plot points, they aren’t incredibly interesting.
“Real Rob” had an enjoyable first season, but it is definitely not the most engaging show on Netflix.


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