Changing majors: Conan Sang


Jeffery Wu

NYU senior, Conan Sang transferred from Economics in CAS to Finance in Stern between his freshman and sophomore years.

By Lingyi Hou, Staff Writer

Changing majors is a series in which people discuss the conflicts they faced when switching majors. Read previous profiles in this series here.

Conan Sang

Conflict: Economics in CAS to finance in Stern; Disagrees with the criticism facing Stern

Stern senior Conan Sang transferred from economics in the College of Arts and Science to finance in Stern between freshman and sophomore year, which is a common move for many economics majors. Sang said the transition happened naturally when he found finance was more applicable than economics.

“Finance is a more remarkable skill than economics, gearing more toward matters than just theory,” Sang said. “Also, Stern has nicer buildings and more resources. I felt that it could help better in my career.”

While many have criticized Stern’s competitive culture and the finance industry in general, Sang says he disagrees with criticism of Stern’s competitive almost cutthroat culture and unforgiving finance industry. He believes that specialization is required in today’s economy, and being a jack-of-all-trades may be dangerous because of the lack of a position to stand out in the competition.

“In any field study you want to take, there needs to be some degree of specialization,” Sang said. “While it’s true that Stern is very specialized, that could be said to any major. You have to learn very specific skills that would make you more marketable. So is computer science. So you shouldn’t criticize finance in particular.”

Through his studies, Sang has landed a job offer in an asset management firm.

“There is a point of time that you have to take what you want to specialize and go for it,” Sang said.


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