Trans Awareness Week aims to create safe space on campus


Tiffany Chen

Trans Awareness Week at NYU, through a series of events that takes place from November 17 – 20, provides resources and facilitates discussions for all student communities interested in learning LGBTQ issues

Kati Garrity, Staff Writer

This Tuesday will kick off NYU’s Trans Awareness Week, a series of programs organized by the NYU LGBTQ Student Center in support of transgender students.

Lukas LaRiviere, program administrator of the LGBTQ Student Center, said the group wants to make sure everyone feels welcome on campus, hoping to create as safe a space as possible.

“As the NYU LGBTQ Student Center, we support our trans and [gender nonconforming] students through providing a space on campus, inclusive programming and educating the NYU community on best trans allyship practices,” LaRiviere said.

He reminded NYU students trans awareness expands far beyond this week of activism into our everyday lives as allies and students.

“We support our students by realizing that we don’t just do trans and GNC inclusive programming in just one week, but that it should be carried throughout all the work we do,” LaRiviere said. “Additionally, we have a student club that meets here in the LGBTQ Student Center specifically for trans and GNC students and allies.”

NYU T-Party, a club for trans and GNC people and their allies, along with other activist groups worked tirelessly to organize the events for this week. Axel Otto Keating, a spokesperson for T-Party, said the week is vital for both activism and general education for the university at large.

“NYU supports transgender awareness mainly through the NYU LGBTQ Student Center which hosts clubs like the one we are representing, T-Party, as well as a number of different programs and events throughout the semester focusing on trans topics,” Otto Keating said.

NYU students are excited to partake in this week’s events and have praised the NYU community for their acceptance and representation of the LGBTQ community. Tisch junior Joanie Educate remarked on NYU’s unique sense of attention towards this community.

“It’s great to see NYU supporting the transgender community,” Educate said. “I think it’s really important for universities to hold these types of events, and you really don’t see enough of that across the country.”

Steinhardt sophomore Emma Murray commended NYU for their dedication in representing students of all orientations.

“I’m so proud to go to a school with such a strong LGBTQ organization,” Murray said. “It’s a great way for students of all orientations to come together and have meaningful discussions about these topics.”


This week’s events:

Tuesday, Nov. 17 — 12 to 1:30 p.m. in Kimmel 602



Tuesday, Nov. 17 — 7 to 9 p.m. in Kimmel 914

State of the Union: Panel on State Violence Against Trans Individuals


Wednesday, Nov. 18 — 7 to 9 p.m. in Kimmel 914

The Time to Speak Up is Now: Envisioning Trans Liberation With Jennicet Gutierrez


Friday, Nov. 20 — 6 to 9 p.m. in NYU LGBTQ Student Center

Transgender Day of Remembrance Ceremony: Trip to the NYC LGBT Center


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