Show your thankfulness around the city


Tiffany Chen

Tamera Davis (Gallatin ’19), member of NYU Project Outreach, volunteer at Strive for College, and one of many on campus who enjoys giving back to the community, says she is thankful for the opportunities offered by a prestigious university.

Ankita Bhanot, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is just two weeks away, officially kicking off the holiday season. Although for many of us this means seeing our friends and family, getting a break from school and eating delicious food, it is always important for us to remember those who aren’t as fortunate.

Around this time of year, there is extra emphasis on giving back. There are many opportunities around campus and in the city where you can get involved. Hopefully you’ll find something that resonates with you and inspires you to give back even after the holiday season.

Food Bank for New York City

Before eating the special meal with your family, help provide someone else their Thanksgiving dinner. With the Food Bank for New York City, you can help prepare meals for different days of the week or find places to serve the food. The best part about the food bank is that its initiative to relieve hunger continues even past the holiday months.The hours are flexible and there are many opportunities for different interests. Visit the website to sign up to be a volunteer.

America Reads and America Counts

If you enjoy working with children and have a passion for spreading education and learning opportunities, becoming a volunteer for “America Reads and America Counts” would be perfect for you. The mission of this project is to help children build a foundation of basic academic skills, such as reading, writing and mathematics. After joining, students will be placed in one of the 100 regular and year-round schools located across the city to assist children from preschool to eighth grade. Visit the Steinhardt website to sign up as a new tutor.

New York Cares Coat Drive

Can you imagine being without a coat in the cold New York winter? Unfortunately for many of the poor and homeless, this is reality. But every year, the volunteer organization New York Cares encourages people to look through their closets to find warm clothing to donate. All through the winter months, this organization distributes coats to people in need.

You can visit this website to find drop-off locations for coats and donations, or even to start your own local coat drive. This is an alternative if you don’t have time for a regular commitment. You can think about starting a local coat drive for your hall, or perhaps collect from your friends.  


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