Beauty and style deeper than skin and sneakers

StyleLikeUs Whats Underneath Project profiles stylish individuals to tell the unique story behind their clothes.


StyleLikeU’s “What’s Underneath Project” profiles stylish individuals to tell the unique story behind their clothes.

Laura Casado, Contributing Writer

The Hole art gallery in NoHo became a vibrant gathering place for industry insiders and artists alike on Tuesday as skincare line Olie Biologique partnered with unique fashion blog StyleLikeU to host “MY BEAUTY IS MY STORY.” This summer, the organic body oil and skincare company collaborated with six incredible women, each featured in StyleLikeU’s viral videos that form the “What’s Underneath Project” to promote a new line of signature oils.

Olie Biologique founder Linda Thompson said her line’s products are all-natural, approaching skincare in a positive light.

“Our oils are about simplicity, nurturance and treating yourself (and your skin) like you’re beautiful — not a problem to be fixed,” Thompson said on her website’s blog.

Thompson was inspired by the work of mother-daughter duo Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, which similarly celebrates inner beauty over other people’s outward and preconceived notions as to what personal style says about the wearer.

Tuesday night, Goodkind spoke on what StyleLikeU’s future plans were. She mentioned they are planning to make a documentary once they have worked and spread the movement further in the upcoming year. For now, the movement will continue with frequently uploading videos and promoting their work through in-person events, like their recent workshop at Bard College.

The six body oils have been created in conjunction with each woman featured in StyleLikeU’s videos. They include Biet’s Gold Alchemy, Mari’s Nuit et Jour Day and Night, Melanie’s Essence of Fae, Rachel’s Palmarosa Sunset, Saramai’s Kashmir Bleu and Molly’s Big Sur Sunrise. Each contains organic plant and flower essences that are personally meaningful to each girl, from encouraging peace and serenity to being warm and invigorating.

The women inspiring these oils come from StyleLikeU’s empowering video series. The blog’s YouTube channel expands their style movement of self-love that is being recognized and backed by off-kilter fashion and art publications such as AnOther Magazine and Hunger Magazine and by social media celebrities like Petra Collins and Juliana Huxtable. Their holistic and positive message is that style is a combination of the attitude one conveys and the conglomerate of one’s experiences throughout life.

As Mandelbaum says in the blog’s promotional video, “[Y]our style is more than what you wear; your style is your story.”

The video series stresses that people must be able to examine what beauty and style mean to each individual, free from prejudice, stereotypes or expectations. The encouraging and empowering words of the “What’s Underneath Project” videos are doing just that by revealing first hand what one’s coats, glasses and shoes can hide.

“Style is not a facade,” the blog’s most recent video states. “It is knowing who you are. It is your spirit. It is comfort in your skin. It’s What’s Underneath.”

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