Avoid the ‘Christmas creep’ around the city


Danika Lam

Lights and garland hang in the windows at The Strand, spreading holiday cheer to those just passing by.

Abigail Weinberg, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving has yet to pass and the temperatures are far from freezing, yet retailers across the city have already begun to gear up for the holiday season. This phenomenon — known as the “Christmas creep” — is an attempt to extend the Christmas shopping season and increase profits for stores that decorate early. Although the effectiveness of this practice is unclear, it has been known to get on the nerves of passersby. For those who simply like to take it one holiday at a time, here are some places to avoid.



771 Broadway

The folks at Teavana have decked out their window displays with red and white Christmas baskets accompanied by window signs reading, “Steep, Drink and Be Merry,” “Tea’s the Season” and “The More Tea, The Merrier.” Don’t expect to get your tea fix without also confronting the early signs of Christmas.


The Bean

824 Broadway

On the north side of Broadway, the windows of The Bean coffee shop are covered with massive cartoon renderings of scenes from A Christmas Story, along with the words, “A Christmas Bean.”


American Eagle

19 Union Square West

The barrage of puns seems endless. The American Eagle store, adorned with Christmas trees, fairy lights and garlands, promises that “Yule love this.” We might love this eventually, but not until Yuletide — which is in December.



109 Third Ave.

The Kiehl’s store is dolled up with giant red bows, fairy lights, snowflake decals and twinkling Christmas trees. The text on the door reads, “A Warm Spirit of Giving,” but who needs warmth when the temperature is still lingering around the 60s?



Citibank uses the same syntax in its snowflake-covered windows: “Wrap up your holidays with sweet offers.” The giant white snowflake decals may be hard to avoid, especially since they can be seen racing around next to the Citibank logo atop cabs at every street corner.


Fifth Avenue

Likewise, Fifth Avenue already has lit up trees and even flashier storefronts. Anthropologie’s elaborate window display features wreathed houses covered with a delicate layer of fake snow. A few steps away at the Gap, one can find huge multicolored glowing snowflakes. Gap tells us to “Wrap up Winter,” but the season hasn’t even begun.



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