Where to watch the Mets

Michael Thompson, Deputy Sports Editor

With two games in the books, the 2015 World Series shifts back to Queens for games three through five. Tickets on the secondary market are skyrocketing to record-high prices, so travelling to Citi Field is probably a pipedream for all but the most affluent NYU students. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to watch the game away from the ballpark. Whether you love being around fellow Mets fans or prefer to be locked away in a room by yourself, WSN has you covered.

If you’re more of the social type, New York City is packed with hot spots for viewing the series. CAS sophomore Santiago Irigoyen has a few personal favorites that are sure to please.

“On Tuesdays I like Calico Jack’s on Second Avenue and 42nd Street because of $1 beers, and the bartenders are Mets fans and really cool people,” Irigoyen said.

On any other day, Irigoyen prefers Standing’s Bar. Located in the heart of the East Village, this intimate sports bar has plenty to offer, including big screen televisions and great drinks. Standings also offers a selection of menus from other local staples, such as Paul’s Burgers, Lombardi’s Pizza and Atomic Wings. Better yet, wings are free on Mondays and pizza is free on Fridays, just in time for Game 3.

Foley’s on 33rd Street is also a popular hub for baseball fans. But pay close attention to the sign, because for the duration of the series, Foley’s is operating under the name Daniel Murphy’s Pub & Restaurant.

For some fans, however, seclusion and intimacy are preferred. Students like CAS sophomore Stephen Tsamblakos and CAS junior Jonathan Schifman both agree that watching the games in the comfort of their childhood homes is a way to return to their roots and remember where it was that they first became a fan. Tsamblakos, who is from Whitestone, Queens, prefers not only the comfort, but the privacy as well.

“My favorite spot has got to be at home, where I can freely express all of the gut check emotions of watching your team in the World Series,” Tsamblakos said.

If you’re stuck at work or away from a television set, allow modern technology to lead the way. Most cable subscribers can watch the World Series through the Fox Sports Go app. By signing in, you can watch the game anywhere, granted you have a signal. Your data bill at the end of the month may be a little higher than usual, but it’s for the love of the game, isn’t it?

With more ways to view the World Series than ever before, chances are you won’t be left in the dark as the Mets go for their third and the Royals go for their second World Series championship.

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