[PHOTOS]: Divest demands accountability from NYU in face of climate change

Christine Wang, Deputy News Editor

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On the third anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, members of NYU Divest taped their mouths shut with fake money and held a protest in Bobst on Thursday. They called upon the university to recognize the victims of climate change and divest from fossil fuels.

Six participants silently held posters to honor the hurricane victims that faced displacement, death and devastation after Sandy passed.

The false money taped over their mouths represented the climate change victims who are silenced by powerful, wealthy organizations. The group hopes that this event will give a voice to those who are suffering from the effects of climate change, and demand that NYU take responsibility for their investments in fossil fuels.

The student group stirred controversy at President John Sexton’s final town hall on Oct. 13, with one member engaging with Sexton for more than 10 minutes on the topic of divestment. The group later disputed many of the claims made by Sexton at the event.

NYU Divest has been waiting since this past summer to meet with the Board of Trustees to discuss the possibility of divestment from fossil fuels.

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