Five food-inspired Halloween outfits

Halloween presents many opportunities to consume plenty of treats. However, a love of food doesn’t have to stop at the bowl of candy or caramel apple. Instead, try out of one of these clever last-minute food-themed Halloween costumes.


Why should people choose between dressing up as food or an animal when they can be both? This costume not only adds a clever spin on these miniature hot dog treats, but also could provides a cozy Halloween experience. Just get a pig nose, ears and maybe a tail, and then wrap yourself in a blanket. As a bonus you can “pig out” on candy with the excuse that it’s part of your costume.



As an homage to the Russian satellite Sputnik, you can dress as a spud with antennas.  In addition to being a subtle nod the “Friends” episode “The One With the Halloween Party.” While it may seem unwieldy to dress as a potato all day, you can diverge from Dr. Ross’s original costume from the show by wrapping yourself in beige cloth to make moving around easier.

Julia Child

All you really need to dress as this TV icon is a vintage skirt and blouse and a willingness to shout “Bon Appetit.” To ensure the accurate portrayal, however, the costume must include her most iconic ingredient of them all — butter. After all, Child was known to say, “With enough butter, anything is good.”

Cereal Killer

This classic costume is perfect for pun lovers and food fans alike.  Dressing as a cereal box and brandishing a knife, or really any weapon of choice, does not take much effort. It can be as simple as carrying the cereal box around, or as elaborate as making a cereal box cardboard cutout. With so many different types of cereal, this could even be a group outfit. For food addicts, this outfit is optimal because it provides an excuse to carry around a box of cereal to munch on.

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