[VIDEO] Leather: the ultimate outerwear

Polina Buchak

Adryan Son, Staff Writer

Leather jackets will be your second skin this season. Winter is just around the corner and the classic staple is a crucial piece to keep you warm and fashionable. Leather outerwear, including riders, bombers and shearling jackets is trending now, so investing in quality pieces is important. Leather lasts longer than most other materials, and also tends to look better as it ages. But what’s even more important is knowing how to style one before you buy it, so here are some simple tips for wearing the leather jacket this season.

The rider/biker

There are two types of rider jackets: one with a diagonal zipper (well known as James Dean’s classic model) and one with a regular, straight zipper. Rider jackets look good on both guys and girls. If you’re wearing a slim-fit rider jacket, avoid anything bulky or thick underneath and instead wear a t-shirt, button up or blouse. Insulated rider jackets are heavier and bulkier, but better for the chilly weather, as they also have more room for thick underlayers. For the bottom, a nice pair of black or denim jeans go well with the look. Zara’s women’s leather jacket ($280) and men’s biker jacket ($149) are two quality pieces for this season.

The bomber

Bomber jackets also come in leather. For the upcoming winter season, leather bomber jackets provide warmth and add a bit style to any outfit. Puffier than rider jackets, the bomber gives you more room for layers. Leather bomber jackets can also go well with more formal looks in place of a blazer, so try one over your shirt and tie this season. Anthropologie has leather bomber jackets ($188) that come in three different colors, and Alpha Industries’ men’s bomber jackets ($365) come in black and brown.

The leather coat

If worn right, leather coats can be more unique and stylish than average wool coats. Rather than T-shirts and sweatshirts, leather coats look more elegant with sweaters, shirts or other semi-casual attire. To keep your neck warm, wear scarves that have a similar tone as your coat. Zara’s leather trench coat ($399) is a bold leather piece that both men and women can style.

The shearling combo

Out of all leather pieces, shearling jackets are certainly the hottest piece right now. Shearling jackets refer to those with wool or lamb leather that still have wool attached to it. This is a perfect winter jacket for continuous use year after year. Underneath the jacket, sweaters definitely work better than sweatshirts. The textured knit of sweaters matches that of the plush wool better than that of smooth sweatshirts. Asos’ women’s shearling coat ($153) and men’s shearling jacket from Topman ($160) are some of the most affordable and fashionable shearling pieces.
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