10 best moments from last night’s democratic debate

1. Lincoln Chafee introduced himself to the country as “a block of granite”…

…to which Anderson Cooper replied, “It seems like pretty soft granite.”    


2. Much to everyone’s relief, Bernie Sanders finally ended the conversation about Hillary Clinton’s email.



3. And when Lincoln Chafee just couldn’t let it go, questioning her character in the process, Clinton shut him down.



4. Clinton basically turned Sanders into a moderate with her stance on gun control. 


5. Sanders made activists feel the Bern with his impassioned speech on the Black Lives Matter movement.


6. Jim Webb constantly whined about not having enough time to talk.


7. But when he did find the time, he reminded everyone that he killed a man.


8. In their spare time, Clinton and Obama bond in weird ways.


9. Sanders voiced his support for Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing, saying he played an “important role in educating the American public.”


10. Clinton called out Republicans on big government hypocrisy.


Bonus: Mike Huckabee won the hearts of racists everywhere…