Five fall foods that are better than a PSL

Tiffany Chen

Diamond Naga Siu, Contributing Writer

Although a certain Starbucks drink gets all the attention, there are a plenty of other treats to enjoy that are only available in the fall. Here are five of the best treats to enjoy before winter sets in. 


East Coasters knows that when the cold comes, so do Mallomars.  These chocolate covered graham cracker and marshmallow treats are only sold from October to April, and 85 percent of Mallomar sales are in the New York City metropolitan area.  The cookie has been deemed “the cookie that comes out in the cold” by New York Times and “the cookie everyone likes to hoard” by NPR. Although they are only available during cooler months, fans have come up with multiple methods to store them during the May to September interim. If you’d like to stock up, try putting your Mallomars in the freezer — fans say that the cookies not only keep longer, but are also even chewier cold. 

Orange Oreos

Chemically addictive and surprisingly vegan, it is difficult to resist a classic Oreo.  Or a double-stuffed one.  Or an orange one to embrace the season change.  These have a little more cream than their original counterparts and exude the Halloween spirit with the black cookies and orange cream pairing. Not only do these cookies come in different colors, but they also have different designs stamped on — all fit for a spookily tasty time.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Want a classic New York City breakfast?  Grab a bagel and cream cheese.  But for the more adventurous or pumpkin-craving individuals, the classic breakfast staple can be spiced up with pumpkin flavored cream cheese. The seasonal treat is available at bagel shops like Murray’s (500 6th Ave.) and grocery stores like Trader Joe’s. You can use it as a spread or dip for snacking, for cooking (try making it into pumpkin cheesecake) or even just for eating from the tub.

Candy Corn

Whether you love it or hate it, Halloween candy will soon inundate your life, and candy corn will proudly lead the pack. Its infamous white, orange and yellow stripes inspire many foods as well as drinks, ranging from popsicles and Oreos to cocktails. The marshmallow-based candy has haters but also passionate fans, and you can even find recipes online to make it yourself.

Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving can come early with this iconic pie.  Whether it is homemade, frozen or store bought, nothing really screams fall more than a warm slice of pumpkin pie.  However, this year’s pumpkin pies should be bought early since heavy summer rain severely affected pumpkin growth and production.  The crop is 50 percent smaller than last year’s, so canned pumpkin — which most people rely on for their pies — might be tough to find this month.

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