Relive your most joyful moments with “Reversion”



Aja Naomi King stars in Jose Nestor Marquez’s new film “ Reversions”, a Si-Fi thriller released on October 9th, 2015.

Anubhuti Kumar, Staff Writer

No stranger to the dark and twisted genre, Aja Naomi King (“How to Get Away with Murder”) stars in “Reversion,” a psychological thriller that leaves the audience reeling with its impeccable eeriness.


King portrays the dutiful daughter Sophie Clé, heiress of her doting father’s technology firm. A capable business woman in her own right, Sophie works as the marketing head for Jack Clé’s — her billionaire mogul father’s — office. Jack is played by Colm Feore, who previously worked in action franchises like “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Thor.”

The film began with an aura all too optimistic and cheery. All would be as good as it looks if it were not for the eerie music that played in the background of almost every other scene. When the story starts, Sophie and her father are about to release a new piece of technology that has been in the works for the past 15 years. It is meant to take the users’ most joyful memories, the ones they most want to relive, and allow them to visit them whenever they want, clearer and crisper than they ever could naturally. A woman gives a touching testimony of a memory with her mother for a commercial Sophie’s marketing team is putting together, and in an emotional moment, Sophie reveals that her mother killed herself when she was young, and she uses the device to live the last moment she spent with her. She emphatically states that this invention allows her to choose to remember the good rather than the bad, changing the course of her life.

The film quickly goes from emotional and uplifting to heart stopping and clouded in doubt. Sophie gets kidnapped and escapes, but not until damage has been done to her tech jewelry and the connection it has to her brain. Suddenly, things become unclear and her memories of her mother’s death and the last happy memory Sophie clung to are corrupted.

King carries the movie with her multi-faceted performance, pulling off emotional and vulnerable along with capable and independent all in less than 90 minutes. As Sophie’s world crumbles, the powers and weaknesses of the human mind are revealed in an intelligent, shocking and thought-provoking manner.

“Reversion” brings to the big screen a fresh new take on the perils of technology in a brave new world not too far from that of today. It questions the morality of using artificial intelligence that is combined with human memory.

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